Pangeos: the floating turtle that is to become the largest cruise ship in the world

An inner area that is twice the size of the Colosseum, has a capacity of 60,000 passengers and a total cost of almost 8 billion euros. Pangeos, a concept by an Italian design studio, is set to become the largest cruise ship in the world.

362 meters long, 64 meters wide, 18 stories high and space for nearly 7,000 guests and 2,300 crew members. At the moment ‘Wonder of the Seas’ is by far the largest cruise ship in the world, but it probably won’t be able to hold that title for long. Royal Caribbean, the shipping company behind the ‘Wonder’, announced plans for the even bigger ‘Icon of the Seas’ last week, but both giants seem tiny compared to what Italian design studio Lazzarini has in mind.

The concept is called Pangeos. A 550 meters long and 610 meters wide colossus in the shape of a turtle. A ship so big that a new term had to be invented for it: not a mega yacht, but a “tera yacht”. “If someone really wants to realize the Pangeos, they must take into account a cost of about 8 billion euros and a construction time of eight years,” the Italians said.

In return you will receive, among other things: a floating luxury resort with enough villas, apartments and penthouses to house 60,000 people, a gigantic roof with 30,000 solar panels to power the turtle and in between some landing places for the guests’ helicopters, nine electric motors from each 16,800 hp that can move the ship with a maximum speed of “no less than” 9.2 kilometers per hour, a shopping center, beach clubs, swimming pools…

Lazzarini, who also boasts that the turtle would be “unsinkable”, has not yet revealed whether interested parties have already come forward to realize the project.

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