Panama hosted the preview of the film The Minamata Photographer

Cesar Fula

On the occasion of the day for the protection of mangrove ecosystems, the presentation of the preview of the movie “The Photographer of Minamata“to remember, highlight and honor all those people who individually and collectively through various foundations that protect the seas, rivers, coastal marine areas and mangroves, their biodiversity and the surrounding communities, the relevant work they do for the preservation of our natural wealth and its relationship with human beings.

The Minamata photographer is roasted in a shocking true story, as three-time Oscar nominee Johnny Depp steps into the shoes of iconic photojournalist Eugene Smith, one of the great masters of the history of photojournalism, in this shocking biopic about his rebirth as a photographer.

New York, 1971. After his celebrated days as one of the most revered photojournalists of World War II, W. Eugene Smith feels disconnected from society and his career. Life magazine sends you to the Japanese coastal city of Minamata, whose population has been devastated by mercury poisoning, the result of decades of industrial neglect. There, Smith immerses himself in the community, recovers his enthusiasm for his profession, and with his camera captures the images that will go around the world.



Since 2010, the Zero Pollution alliance represents environmental organizations in the United Nations Global Mercury Program. The Zero Mercury Mission is a program within the Zero Pollution Alliance, launched in 2010 and which has managed to ally more than 60 companies and environmental organizations nationwide for the environmentally correct management of waste containing mercury and other heavy metals such as cadmium, lithium and nickel.

In 2015, the Basel, Stockholm and Rotterdam Convention (BSR), the Zero Pollution Alliance was awarded the “Gender Heroes” award due to its work in raising children’s awareness about chemical pollution. While, in 2016 they were part of the group of consultants of the global mercury program in Jordan and in that same year they became part of the group that collaborated in the drafting of the mercury waste management guide at the United Nations in Vienna, Austria. In 2017, the entry into force of the Minamata Convention was promoted worldwide, from and in Panama.

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