Panagiota Petridou: Panagiota Petridou reveals cute details about her baby

About half a year after the birth of her baby, Panagiota Petridou is back on the red carpet for the first time – and reveals cute details about her offspring.

Nobody expected that! In March 2022, Panagiota Petridou, 43, announced via Instagram that she had “quietly and secretly” become a mother a few weeks earlier. She managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for the entire ten months. And also with regard to details about her offspring, the presenter “Offer a rust bucket, look for a dream car” is holding back. So far she has not revealed the gender or the name of her child. In public, she only calls her offspring “Mini Cooperino”, based on her love for cars.

Now the 43-year-old has appeared on the red carpet again for the first time at an event. There she chatted unusually openly out of the sewing box.

Panagiota Petridou visits the event with her offspring

At the Remus Lifestyle Night in the Llaut Hotel on Mallorca, Panagiota Petridou made a brilliant appearance. In a bright red halter dress, she drew everyone’s attention. The presenter has already reported on social media that she often takes her greatest treasure to work. Her offspring was also present at this event. “The term ‘working mom’ is absolutely program here. My Mini Cooperino […] is two floors [unter uns] in bed,” she told Bunte, adding that her sister is taking care of her baby. “I always take my baby with me. I used to always have a sports bag in the car, which I have now swapped with the baby. […] My husband is here too, but he’s getting drunk somewhere,” jokes Petridou in her usual relaxed manner.

The presenter “can no longer imagine life without a baby”

Regarding how much her life has changed since having her baby, she notes, “It took a while. For the first two months I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m stapled to bed with this little baby ?’ Because I’m never not a mom again, I’m always a mom.”

So she couldn’t spontaneously pack her bags and fly to Canada for a week. That was a change, but in the meantime she has settled well into the new situation. “I can no longer imagine life without a baby,” enthuses Panagiota. In addition, she has “a sweet baby” who, when accompanying her to work, is “always in a good mood”: “I think it will be a tour baby”.

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