Pampita prepares work projects for the remainder of 2022: Are you still in business? "The Hotel of the Famous"

pampita enjoy your well-deserved vacation after the success you caused “The Hotel of the Famous”. As soon as the recordings of the El Trece reality show finished, The model packed her bags with her family to go to Miamiwhere you have the first part of your break with Roberto Garcia Moritan and his sons.

In any case, she fulfills her advertising commitments with the hotel chain that has her as its official image, which performs well on the networks with her baby girl showing the rooms. It is supposed to continue in hours heading to Ibiza with family includedand then resumes his television work.

As reported the Pavada of Daily Chroniclethere is an idea of ​​a short season on Net with “pampita online”, while waiting for the arrival of the second installment of “The Hotel of the Famous” that would be recorded more between December and January 2023although there is no official confirmation from the broadcaster or Boxfish.

Pampita in “The Hotel of the Famous”.

The idea would be to maintain the same work team that had the first season of the reality show that is nearing its end. There is some controversy over a video that would show the winner of the program, although there are still weeks to go before El Trece finishes broadcasting the episodes of “The Hotel of the Famous”.

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