Pampita made an ironic comment about a Nicole Neumann trade: "Let’s see if one falls to me"

The world of swaps it is commonplace in the lives of famous people. Thanks to the numbers they have on their social networks and the arrival they have with their fans, brands think of them to exchange products in exchange for posts, however, there are times when the gifts they receive surprise the first figures of the world. show.

This is what happened with Pampita when you gave an unfiltered opinion about the exchange you received Nicole Neumann: a remodeling in your home.

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It all started when the host of “Pampita Online” spoke in her cycle with the rest of her panel about The fiery video of the 41-year-old model with her boyfriend Manu Urcera. It was at that time when he launched ironic: “I follow Nicole and I can see that she is remodeling the house. But how nice how he gets everything! Let’s see if I get a trade, too! He changed the whole kitchen, outdoor furniture …“.

I continue, I follow (the sponsors) to see if I get a trade. The house is being divine, divine“He added with his smile. And closed:”New house, new life, did you see? Pure good things are coming. When one moves, new energy, renewed, everything begins to work better“.

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