Pampita confessed her pact with Roberto García Moritán: "Once a week we have …"

Pampita and Roberto García Moritan they show themselves more and more in love. After the birth of her daughter Ana Carolina, everything that happens to them is for the good. They never stop losing their intimacy as a couple and they plan to stay that way for many years.

On “Pampita Online” the model confessed the pact she has with her husband. She said they want to be “eternal boyfriends”. Given this, her panelists asked her why she ran out the other day and she replied: “We always go to have lunch in Palermo, because once a week we have our boyfriends outing and it has to be at noon because I work at night “.

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The idea of ​​these lunches is to disconnect a bit with reality and to be able to make a cut in their working days. “If I have to go to dinner at 1.30 in the morning when I finish ‘ShowMatch: The Academy’ imagine how I am, you can not”, said

What’s more, He took the opportunity to advise all couples and said: “You have to do that, find a day for the couple, or at least a little while.” The driver said that this works very well for her and they both look very happy. Despite not stopping working, they enjoy that time alone a lot.

Pampita, Roberto García Moritán and Ana.

What’s more, Roberto assured that he would never forgive an infidelity And that is another of the pacts that they have as a couple. “That’s why we got hooked so fast, although for many it was difficult to understand, we knew which was the way, and it is respecting certain basic rules, such as our way of understanding life. It is our code of coexistence and I look very old next to it “, he expressed in an interview he gave for “Very morning.”

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