Pam & Tommy, Sebastian Stan: "One of the Avengers was supposed to double Tommy Lee’s penis"

Sebastian Stan revealed that, originally, the writers of Pam & Tommy wanted an Avengers protagonist to dub Tommy Lee’s penis.

Of all the moments in the life of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson that have been shown in Pam & Tommy, Sebastian Stan returned to talk about one of the most memorable scenes of the series which saw Tommy engaged in a reflective conversation with his penis: apparently, the creative team asked him about one of the protagonists of the MCU in order to know if the actor would have been available to voice the rock star member.

Pam & Tommy: Sebastian Stan in a funny scene from the series

When it comes to TV projects based on real people it’s hard to think of a show that could even be remotely compared to Pam & Tommy, one essentially centered around a case of violation of the privacy of one of the most famous couples in show business.

As Stan himself explained, the creative team actually asked his opinion on how to convince Chris Evans, the now former Captain America performer, to “doubling Tommy Lee’s penis“In a recent interview published by the Awards Daily, Tommy’s performer explained that he was unaware of who was going to get the part when the scene was shot.

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Pam & Tommy: Lily James and Sebastian Stan in one scene

Jason Mantzoukas landed the role but, in reality, he wasn’t there with me the day we filmed the sequence. At that point we just didn’t know who we were going to get. I remember the writers calling me and saying, ‘What do you think? You think Chris Evans would do such a thing with you? “concluded Sebastian Stan.

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