Palermo, new vandal raid against the center founded by Don Pino Puglisi. President Artale: “We will not be intimidated”

Another vandal raid, after the one last October, on the premises of the Anti-violence Center annexed to Our Father Reception Center founded by Don Pino Puglisi in the Palermo district of Brancaccio. Some strangers have broken through the glass of the secondary door that overlooks a small courtyard. Here, for more than 7 years, the crib representing the nativity has been set up. The president of the Reception Center Maurizio Artale reported the incident to the police, who also intervened with the help of the scientific police. “A bad sign – comments Artale -, which certainly it won’t scare you the hundreds of volunteers, operators and members who have animated the Padre Nostro Reception Center for 28 years. A gesture that smacks of challenge and that wants to show that when they want they act undisturbed, thanks to the usual indifference or silence of those who hear, see and do not speak “.

“We – concludes the president of the Center – will always maintain the same attitude that the Blessed One taught us Giuseppe Puglisi to be a solid and concrete example of those who seek the way to legality, justice and “conversion of life”. We are sure that the institutions – primarily the police – this time will be able to bring these criminals to justice, so that they do not remain an example of impunity in a neighborhood like Brancaccio ”. In 2019 the vandalism instead involved the square of Palermo where the priest Puglisi was murdered: in fifteen days there were a total of eight, by a group of children aged 15 to 17.

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