Palermo, Fdi candidate arrested. La Russa: “If I had been the prosecutor I would have waited”. The Democratic Party: “Lagalla retire”. Conte: “City deserves more”

Second arrest in three days for the same reason: a center-right candidate for the city council accused of political-mafia electoral exchange. According to the prosecutor of Palermo, Francesco Lombardocandidate of the Brothers of Italy, asked for support Vincenzo Vella, boss of the Corso dei Mille family. After he was finished in handcuffs Pietro Polizzi, a member of Forza Italia, the second arrest in the ranks of the center-right provokes various reactions. From the Democratic Party, with the deputy secretary Peppe Provenzano who comes to ask the candidate for mayor Roberto Lagalla to retire. But also from the ranks of Fdi, with Ignazio La Russa who goes so far as to say: “If I had been the magistrate, perhaps two days before the vote, I would have waited. But I do not want to make controversy, which is old. It may be that you have had precautionary needs now ”.

La Russa: “I hope he ends up in acquittal.” Fdi: “We offended person” – The interception detected by the trojan installed on Vella’s phone dates back to 28 May: twelve days ago Lombardo went to the boss’s fruit and vegetable shop and – according to the accusations of the deputy prosecutor Paolo Guido – asked for support for the elections. Yet according to the exponent of Fdi the prosecutor had to wait. “We are here to support Lagalla’s candidacy. That we are the antipodes to any form of crime do I need to tell them or do you already know? ”, continues La Russa, on the sidelines of the demonstration at the Politeama Multisala in Palermo, at the end of the electoral campaign of Roberto Lagalla. “I still hope that it comes with a court action that will end with an acquittal“, He adds. In a note, however, the Brothers of Italy explains that they have “already given a mandate to their lawyers to constitute themselves as a person offended by the crime, reserving the right to be a civil party if the prosecutor’s office exercises criminal action. Anyone who approaches the Brothers of Italy must know that organized crime is our first enemy ”.

Lagalla: “The parties withdraw the unpresentable” – For his part, the center-right candidate Lagalla has launched an appeal to the parties. “The Lombard case – says the aspiring center-right mayor – seems to be similar to that of Polizzi, where a certain type of control, which goes beyond the formal requirements, can only be carried out by judiciary. These cases show that it is not the mafia to influence politics but single bad apples looking for hypothetical electoral shortcuts. Now stop. Soon there National Anti-Mafia Commission will issue the list of unpresentable. I will ask the parties for the resignations of those who may be elected, who turn out to have links with Cosa Nostra. If this does not happen, I will be the one to resign ”. Then, at the event of closure of his election campaign, the aspiring mayor added: “Unfortunately it is politics that seeks the mafia and not the mafia that seeks politics. The candidates presented themselves to ask for electoral protection and help. I think it’s a horror. The judiciary did well to intervene ”. For Gianfranco Micciché the two arrests “harm us but will not change the Palermo minds”.

Conte: “Palermo deserves more” – Numerous reactions also from the opposite side with respect to the center-right. “While we of the Movement met citizens who did not make it to the end of the month and entrepreneurs who denounce the mafia risking their lives to change things, some candidates from Forza Italia and Brothers of Italythe party of Giorgia Melonithey went out of their way to meet Mafia exponents ”, he writes Giuseppe Conte on Facebook. “The mafia is a mountain of shit, the words of Peppino Impastato we remember them well – continues the leader of M5s– And we want this disgust and this stink far, far away from the institutions. We must respond coherently, without taking a step back. Without fear and with an open face. Palermo deserves more, it deserves respect. We are listening to voting analyzes that pause to assess which political force risks most in these administrative offices. I say that we must worry about how much citizens are risking if those who in politics do not seek only an opportunity to advocate patronage, dishonesty and personal interests. All aggravated by the fact that many would like to get their hands on the mountain of billions of Pnrr, certainly not to serve the interests of citizens. We will not allow it “.

Morra: “Like Polizzi, even Lombardo was presentable” – Nicola Morra, president of the Anti-Mafia commission, learns of the arrest while he is compiling the lists of “unpresentable” candidates. “In Palermo, after Polizzi’s arrest, a further arrest of another candidate “but even today” it is necessary to point out that it would have been quietly ‘very presentable‘because the Severino code and law would not have prevented these two people, drawn from the recent operations in Palermo, from being subjected to the judgment of the voters ”, says the president of Palazzo San Macuto. In fact, Morra recalled that the “criteria” of the Anti-Mafia Commission on the ‘unpresentable’ “refer to procedural and investigative acts already initiated and defined, for example, a sentence even if not definitive”.

Fava: “For the right, the votes have no color” – “Lagalla announces resignation if his parties do not clean up. He had to think about it first. Now it’s late. He has the duty to protect not himself, but Palermo. Step aside, ”he says Peppe Provenzano, deputy secretary of the Democratic Party. For Claudio Fava: “Evidently the center-right in Palermo thinks that the votes have no smell e that those of the mafia might be worth double. Lagalla was right not to go to the memory of Giovanni Falcone: Palermo does not deserve it as mayor ”. According to Erasmo Palazzotto “In Palermo there is a real risk that the vote will be polluted and that once again the democratic result could be distorted as already happened in 2007 with the fraud certified by a court sentence. I ask that the Ministry of the Interior organize a garrison of the polling stations such as to make impossible any element of conditioning the vote and that no telephone devices are introduced in the booth that allow photographing of the vote “.

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