Palermo, case of legionella in Villa Niscemi: the representative office of the Municipality closed and employees transferred. Sanitation in progress

The representative office of the municipality of Palermo, Villa Niscemi, has been closed for over three weeks due to the presence of the bacteria legionella. It was reported in the morning on Journal of Sicily, explaining that the mayor Leoluca Orlando has transferred with a service order all the employees to the other offices of the municipality, a Palace of the Eagles e Galletti Palace, in the historic center of the Sicilian capital.

Legionella is a bacterium that can cause severe variants of pneumonia, with a rate of mortality by 10-15%. It is also known in its flu-like form as “Pontiac fever“, With a benign course. It propagates through the pipelines towns and the installations water of buildings. The microorganism spreads thanks to small atomized water particles and in fact the health authorities have discovered that i battery they nestled in the water well which feeds the water pipes.

It all started with what was believed to be a case of Covid between one of the employees: fever, chills, body aches and chest weight. The outcome negative of the swab ruled out that it was coronavirus, so further medical investigations identified the legionellosi. At that point, all the municipal offices located in the ancient eighteenth-century villa, a stone’s throw from the Chinese building, have been closed. The health authorities have already sanitized the structure, but the results of the analyzes carried out still show the presence of virus. The legionella emergency cannot be said to be over and new analyzes are expected this week.

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