Marvel fans want Black Panther actress fired

The anti-vaccination stance of Letitia Wright, an actress who plays Shuri at Marvel, has caused controversy among fans. After a recent report by the Hollywood Reporter pointed out that she has been defending her controversial stance even on the set of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Black Panther 2), netizens began calling for her resignation. See … Read more

Samara Felippo’s 12 and 8 year old daughters suffer racist attacks: ‘I made a BO’

Samara Felippo spoke about the racist attacks that daughters Alicia, 12, and Lara, 8, were victims on social networks. In an interview with podcast “Pretoteca”, the actress, who is a solo mother, said that she opened a police report to report the case. Girls are the result of the relationship with the basketball player Leandrinho … Read more

Dance with the stars 11: Jean-Paul Gaultier next to the plate? The juror gets lynched by the twittos

Tayc seduced by Fauve Hautot? He responded and made some revelations about their relationship. Otherwise, since the adventure Dance with the stars 11 started on TF1, tweeters are not kind to one of the jurors. Indeed, Jean-Paul Gaultier has great difficulty in judging the performance of the candidates and often prefers to talk about outfits … Read more

Christopher Nolan Biography: Will Cillian Murphy "Oppenheimer"

Cillian Murphy is again in front of the camera for Christopher Nolan.

Biography of Christopher Nolan Cillian Murphy becomes “Oppenheimer” Cillian Murphy is again in front of the camera for Christopher Nolan. © YLMJ / AdMedia / ImageCollect Christopher Nolan stages a biopic about physicist Robert Oppenheimer. The role of the “father of the atomic bomb” is played by Cillian Murphy. Filmmaker Christopher Nolan (51, “Tenet”) is … Read more

Horoscope: These zodiac signs have luck on their side in the week from October 11th to 17th

Horoscope: a happy woman in autumn

Horoscope These zodiac signs have luck on their side in the week of October 11th to 17th © ShotPrime Studio / Shutterstock From an astrological point of view, the week of October 11th to 17th brings confidence and positive energy. According to the horoscope, three zodiac signs can look forward to the days ahead. Overall, … Read more

Dance with the stars: Jean-Baptiste Maunier eliminated, Gérémy Crédeville poetic, Aurélie Pons was very hot

Dance with the stars, episode 4! It’s already been a month since Camille Combal receives the candidates and their dance partners on the TF1 set. Three of them were eliminated, namely Lââm, Lola Dubini and Moussa Niang. And the noose only tightens since duels took place this week. They were created from the ranking of … Read more