Scream 5: Will Dewey be killed by Ghostface?


Who is the new killer hidden under Ghostface’s mask? That’s the question fans have been asking themselves ever since they discovered the trailer for Scream 5. The reboot will introduce new characters, who can be both victims and suspects. Luckily, the next targets of Ghostface will be able to benefit from the advice of Sydney, … Read more

Arthur Picoli abandons Twitter when exposing threats: "Stop Please"

Arthur Picoli decided to leave his Twitter this Friday (10/15), after receiving intimidation and threats from internet users. Before deactivating the social network, he blurted out: “Either get it over with and do what you’re talking about or please stop, for my family.” The ex-BBB was one of the most talked about subjects this Monday … Read more

‘God Is Not Dead 4’: Battle of Faith in Religious Drama Trailer; Check it out dubbed and subtitled!

A California Movies released the national trailer of the sequel ‘God Is Not Dead: The Next Chapter‘, fourth film in the franchise. Check it out, dubbed and subtitled: Vance Null, who worked as an editor on the previous films, takes over the direction. After an unexpected inspection by a local government official, families who educate … Read more

Mumuzinho’s wife watches messages her husband receives: "Zero problem with that"

Thainá Fernandes, woman of In the tooth, revealed a curiosity to followers on social networks, when interacting by answering questions, this Friday (10/15). On her Instagram, Thainá decided to answer questions about “I already/I never”. A follower asked: “Have you looked at her husband’s directs and WhatsApp?”. She stated: “I already (I always do). Zero … Read more

Tomorrow belongs to us: Noa proves her innocence, Judith and Roxane in danger … What do the next episodes have in store for you? (SPOILERS)

This week in Tomorrow belongs to us, Roxane and Judith have been kidnapped! For the moment, the police have not got their hands on the man who is holding them hostage, but Victoire and Sara are convinced that Noa is responsible … If he will be strongly suspected in the next episodes of the TF1 … Read more