Tommy Portugal puts the patch when consulted by Estrella Torres: “I was invited to talk about Caribbean people”


The cumbia singer, Tommy Portugal, made a link for “En boca de todos”, where he celebrated the 50-year history of “Los Caribeños de Guadalupe”, one of the groups that launched him to fame. After remembering his time in this orchestra, the artist spent an uncomfortable moment after being consulted about the statements of his ex-partner

Relationship out ?: Laura Müller sends a clear message

Relationship Laura Müller sends a clear message Laura Müller © Are Laura Müller and Michael Wendler still a couple or not? A video on Instagram now seems to put an end to all rumors for good. Their love has come under fire since the relationship began in October 2018. First it was the big

"When an adventurer talks to me while being a little pissed off …" : Denis Brogniart reveals that he has already reframed candidates from "Koh-Lanta"

Denis Brogniart has been working for the “Koh-Lanta” show since the program was created, ie since 2001. During the first season, viewers only knew him as a voice-over. It was only during the second edition of “Koh-Lanta”, in 2002, that Denis Brogniart took the reins of animation. Suffice to say that Denis Brogniart has seen

Eva Longoria: her son Santiago spoils his family photo

Wedding photos are regularly synonymous with love and beautiful family moments. Yet for Eva Longoria, this has not really been the case lately. On his Instagram account, Tuesday, October 12, 2021, the star of the series Desperate Housewives shared a few photos captured at a wedding she was attending. A beautiful moment with the family

“It” meets “Stranger Things”: Scary trailer for the horror film “The Black Phone”


A supernatural perception, an eerie figure and the struggle for survival: the first trailer for “The Black Phone” promises a lot of scary fun. After his foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) with “Doctor Strange”, filmmaker Scott Derrickson is back in the horror genre. The 55-year-old staged his best films to date with “The