WOW! ‘Duna’: Acclaimed remake wins beautiful official behind-the-scenes photos; Check out!

Or acclaimed remake of ‘Danube‘ is already on display in theaters and to celebrate the production’s debut, the Warner Bros. shared a series of beautiful official behind-the-scenes footage that features the cast prominently among the recordings. The records were made by the film’s director of photography, Grieg Fraser. Check out: DUNETimothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides

Simone and Simaria remember adolescence by showing an old record: "never give up"

Simone e Simaria recalled adolescence on social networks, this Thursday (14/10), by showing a memory and made a brief reflection on being grateful for their trajectory in music. “A #tbt about believing in your dreams and not giving up, ever! #tudoepossivelaoquecrer #gratitude”, they wrote in the shared publication on Instagram. In the first image, the

Shameless, Emma Kenney: "After Emmy Rossum’s release, the set became a better place"

Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin in the Shameless series pilot

Emma Kenney has revealed that, after Emmy Rossum’s departure from the cast of Shameless, the set of the hit Showtime series has become ‘a better place’. Emma Kenney recently opened about the release of Emmy Rossum from the cast of Shameless, focusing specifically on how things got better on set once Fiona Gallagher’s performer decided

Dance with the stars 11: Michou ready to get into a relationship with his partner Elsa Bois? This video sows doubt

Rayane Bensetti, Laurent Maistret, Loïc Nottet … Recently, the editor of melty offered you a return on the most beautiful performances of Denitsa Ikonomova, one of the members of the jury of Dance with the stars 11. Speaking of this program , know that one wonders if a couple would not be forming on the

Emilie Nef Naf (Moms and Famous) permanently separated from Jérémy Ménez, she confides on the reasons for their breakup

For several weeks now, Emilie Nef Naf has been in a relationship again and no longer hesitates to post her darling on social networks. The 33-year-old young woman, who can be found on screen in Moms and Famous on TFX, is now permanently separated from the father of her children, Jérémy Ménez. After giving their