Ahmed violent with Sarah Fraisou? Julie Bertin reacts and clashes with him badly

Julie Bertin supports Sarah Fraisou

Julie bertin Posted by Betty B. on December 26, 2021 at 11:40 p.m.. Credits: Instagram juliebrtn_off / sarahfraisou.paris Following the shocking revelations of Sarah Fraisou on her relationship with Ahmed, Julie Bertin came out of the silence to support her and tackle her ex-husband in the process. You could not miss this huge controversy. Sarah … Read more

Majida Issa: why her sister had to replace her in “Without tits, there is paradise”

For many years, the telenovela “Without tits, there is paradise” was one of the most watched productions in various countries such as the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, among others. The great success of Telemundo is also due to the great role played by the actors, such as the case of Majida Issa. MORE INFORMATION: … Read more

Coronavirus: more than 7,000 flights canceled worldwide over Christmas weekend due to the Omicron variant

Europe is currently the region with the most cases in the world, with 3,022,868 cases in the last seven days or 57% of the global total, as well as the most deaths, followed by the area including the United States and Canada (1,421,516 cases). France notably crossed the threshold of 100,000 new cases of Covid-19 … Read more

Google Maps: where is the famous ‘San Marino’ from ‘Betty, the ugly’

One of the most famous series in Latin America is “Ugly Betty”. Although there are several remakes of the novel, the Colombian version, the original, has left us several anecdotal characters. One of them is Patricia Fernández, played by Lorna Cepeda, who kept repeating “I studied 6 semesters at ‘San Marino’”. Do you know where … Read more