Guy Ritchie – Madonna’s ex-husband’s great movies

Well known to some as just the ex-husband of a world personality, he was married for 8 years to the muse of pop music Madonna, the 53-year-old British filmmaker Guy Ritchie throughout his career, which practically started with the Bafta nominee Games, Cheating and Two Smoking Pipes, produced, scripted, directed excellent films, most of them

New images of the Matrix Resurrections come to light

If there is a science fiction saga that most revolutionized the 2000s, that is Matrix. In full expansion of the Internet, this film directed by the Wachowski sisters set out to investigate in an innovative way virtual reality, technology and its link with humans. The first film was released in 1999 and the next two

What did Carolina Ramírez study and where

Known for her work in different soap operas, among these, “La hija del mariachi” and “La reina del flow”, Carolina Ramirez She is one of the biggest stars on Colombian television, as well as a university professional in her own right. MORE INFORMATION: Why did Carolina Ramírez move to Argentina? On “Mariachi’s daughter” the actress

When is TWICE’s anniversary? All about his debut

TWICE came to the world to conquer millions of fans’ hearts who have not stopped loving and supporting this girl group since its inception, when do you celebrate your anniversary? It is a very important date for ONCE. Through time, TWICE has managed to get many fans thanks to all the talent and dedication that