OL: Laurent Blanc’s secret is now known

OL followed up a second straight away success on Saturday at Troyes. The Lyonnais won 3-1 but without convincing once again. Laurent Blanc preferred to retain the psychological contribution of this victory, before perhaps the next arrival of the way. Can Troyes-OL reassure Lyon supporters? Difficult to say given the copy presented. Admittedly, OL won … Read more

A 28-year-old man was traveling… on a scooter on the highway: “His friend who was to transport him by car let him down”

Amazing. A violation of the highway code as the police are not used to seeing. Saturday February 4, 2023, around 6:30 p.m., the gendarmes were called in following the report of an individual who was traveling on the A1 motorway on a… scooter! The soldiers had been alerted by a motorist who had seen the … Read more

TV: OM – Nice, at what time and on which channel?

In full swing since the post-World Cup recovery, Olympique de Marseille will face OGC Nice in the clash of the 22nd day of Ligue 1 this Sunday evening. What time for OM – Nice? Before playing an enticing Classic against PSG in the Coupe de France next Wednesday, the Marseille club has a very important … Read more

Petra De Sutter on Egbert Lachaert’s proposal: “The law on phasing out nuclear power will not be changed”

The current federal government will not abolish or fundamentally change the nuclear phase-out law of January 2003, Deputy Prime Minister Petra De Sutter (Groen) said on Sunday, taking the opposite view from the president of the Open Vld, Egbert Lachaert. The restricted ministerial council (“kern”) decided on Friday to study the extension of nuclear reactors … Read more

JOIN THE DISCUSSION! Inflation and poverty: How are Berliners doing – and how do you save some money?

For many, the money is no longer enough to live on - you can hardly save anymore.

For many, the money is no longer enough to live on – you can hardly save anymore. imago/chrome orange Food, fuel, energy: consumers have to dig deeper into their pockets Marie Göhring (22) from Wilmersdorf doesn’t have to skimp because she works a lot, she says. “But I used to go shopping for clothes, now … Read more

Paolla Oliveira goes beyond the limits of beauty with a leaked look to dance the samba with Grande Rio. Photos!

In the preparations for Carnival, Paolla Oliveira showed that she has samba in her foot during the street rehearsal at Grande Rio, the school where she is queen of the drums. Using an applique in her hair, the actress opted for a leaked look, which played show and hide while dancing, by stylist Camila Pedroza … Read more

After Stephen King’s “IT”: Leonaro DiCaprio and JJ Abrams film the next King novel

Leonardo DiCaprio and director JJ Abrams have set their sights on Stephen King’s “Billy Summers.” Will the Hollywood star also take on the leading role? IT Chapter 2 Streaming at: flat rate from €3.99 from €3.99 from €3.99 from €3.99 from €3.99 from €3.99 from €3.99 from €5.99 from €3.99 from €3.99 All streaming offers … Read more