Miss Peru 2021: Yely Rivera wins the crown and becomes the successor of Janick Maceta

Miss Peru was held at the Municipal Palace.  (Photo: YouTube Capture).

On Sunday, October 10, the central ceremony of the Miss Peru 2021, an important beauty pageant that unveiled the successor of the model Janick Maceta. The organization led by Jessica Newton chose Yely Rivera, representative of Arequipa, as the winner of Miss Peru 2021. Miss Peru was held at the Municipal Palace. (Photo: YouTube Capture).

Preview: TV tips on Monday (11.10.2021)

preview TV tips on Monday (11.10.2021) “German lesson”: Jens Ole Jepsen (Ulrich Noethen, right) and his son Siggi (Levi Eisenblätter) © ZDF/Georges Pauly You will never miss a program again. Here you will find all program highlights on Monday at a glance. 8:15 p.m., ZDF, German lesson, drama Germany shortly after the Second World War.

Beauty Purple was spinning in her carapace!

She proved her real acting talent. The representative of Tánia Prokešová, actress Kateřina Marie Fialová (24), fell from a great height to the ground in the theater where she plays. “I ended up in the hospital,” she admitted grimly. But she had to play that she was fine. It was quite stiff. Kateřina even had

The climbers are at home: They have paid off in Pakistan

The insurance company will not pay for the rescue of climbers

They paid, let them go home. Climbers Jakub Vlček and Petr Macek, who conquered the top of Rakapoši Mountain in Pakistan (7788 m above sea level), got into trouble during the descent and had to be rescued by helicopter, are in the Czech Republic. The local authorities refused to release them until they paid CZK

Diseased Brenda from Beverly Hills: RVU ABOUT LIFE

Shannen first fell ill in March 2015, and two years later her illness returned. She underwent mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation. “I often bleed from my nose after chemotherapy. I was tired to death. “ says the actress. Shannen Doherty talks about her illness It is now the fourth stage of breast cancer, when the cancer

Helpless President in the ICU: Takes over …

Article 66 of the Constitution deals with the situation where the presidential office would be vacated, whether on the basis of a constitutional action, abdication, state of health or death of the head of state. When the office of President is vacant, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies will share