Chinese romance dramas that will make you believe in true love

China has produced many love-filled dramas for audiences around the world, with great actors and stories, these Chinese romance dramas will captivate you. The C-Dramas are those series produced in China, this nation has managed to create great stories for the entire audience and with plots very interesting, much of the public has become a

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Broke or not? Claudia Obert unpacks about finances

Financial secret revealed! The self-proclaimed TV millionaire and trash queen Claudia Obert (60) likes to indulge herself: whether men, shoes or bubbly – where Claudia occurs: “Life is a party”. In addition to her appearances in numerous reality TV formats and the management of her luxury boutique, she has now decided to publish a book:

They accuse L-Ghent of sending people to beat Zaramay: the videos of the scandal

The rivalry between Zaramay and L-Gante it is far from lowering its intensity. After some songs crossed with powerful dedications, this time the situation escaped the social realm. The good time that both artists are going through allowed them to make successful tours of Europe. The first to return was the singer of General Rodríguez

Catherine Siachoque’s return to soap operas after being Dona Hilda in “El final de paraiso”

Telemundo is preparing its new telenovela “La Mujer de mi vida”, which promises to captivate the audience. The production marks the return to the screens of Catherine siachoque, the remembered “Doña Hilda”, a character she played in “Without breasts there is paradise”And from which he will now seek to become unmarked. MORE INFORMATION: 10 things