Paga (LMvsMonde6) madly in love with Giuseppa, he makes a sublime statement

Adixia desperate to seduce Paga in The Marseillais vs The Rest of the World 6, Giuseppa reacted and took the opportunity to launch a tackle at her rival on social networks. As you know, it is now with the pretty brunette that the candidate spins the perfect love, regardless of the many criticisms that both have had to face in recent months. And if some still hope that Paga gets back into a relationship with Adixia, he made it clear that he was happier than ever with his current sweetheart. This new message for Giuseppa is proof of that.

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Paga makes a beautiful declaration of love to Giuseppa – Credit (s): Instagram @paga_lmsa

On his Instagram account gathering 2.3M followers, Paga declares: “I am so fulfilled in my relationship with @ giuseppa.crl. You have to believe in love, yet I didn’t believe it anymore … but then what happened to us is just magic. Our relationship is fluid. It is pure happiness on a daily basis. Love has no age or border “.

The emblematic candidate of Marseillais finally concludes his beautiful statement by addressing singles in his community directly: “For all the people who have lost hope, love always triumphs, it will happen to you one day. Keep hope! @ giuseppa.crl, I love you but Latin bomb “. Adorable! In parallel, Tristan also unveiled a very nice message while he is madly in love.

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