Padua, Sergio Giordani remains mayor: who is the center-left “civic” who swept away the man chosen by Salvini

TO Padua the outgoing mayor triumphs Sergio Giordania 69-year-old entrepreneur, who prides himself on being a “civic” of center left, therefore not a party militant. He gets well over half of the votes in the first round, touching the 60 percent. His first round victory constitutes one heavy defeat not just for the coalition of center right who compactly supported the challenger Francesco Peghin (still just over the 30 percent threshold), but for the top management of the Leaguein particular the secretary Matteo Salvini and the president of the Carroccio in Veneto, Massimo Bitonci. It was they who bet on Peghin, even against the stomach ache militants, including some mayors and regional councilors. Luca Zaia instead, he remained at the window and waited – in the eternal struggle for control of the party in Veneto – for the choice desired by the faithful to Salvini to show all his limits. In addition, a kind of relay race had been decided with the party of Giorgia Meloniwhich had its own candidate in Verona (Federico Sboarina).

Giordani triumphed not only for the weakness of the opponent (however a moderate entrepreneur like him), but also for two other reasons. The first is rooted in the political history of the last twenty-five years, the center-left tradition of the city of Padua, where the weight of Catholic church is still strong. The second concerns the fact of having worked in a profitable way for five years, which allowed him to make a virtuous use of themayor-outgoing effect. In Padua it cannot be forgotten that he was the first citizen Flavio Zanonato, historical exponent of the left, for a period also minister. Zanonato held the position from 1993 to 1999, then from 2004 to 2013, a very long period that had as an interlude the victory of the force man. Giustina Destro, when Silvio Berlusconi was at the height of power. In 2014, with Zanonato no longer eligible for reapplication, the desire to change had prevailed, which had favored Bitonci’s victory. A strong-colored Northern League player who had accentuated the interventions for the safety of the city, but also aroused numerous controversies. Bitonci had then stumbled upon his own power, abandoned by a part of the center-right, starting with Come on Italy. He had not been able to mediate and had been disheartened.

The desire for revenge of the Northern League accountant was wrecked twice. The first in 2017 when he was beaten by Giordani, with the substantial help of some civic lists attributable to the university professor Arturo Lorenzon. The second time is today, with the disappointing result of Peghin who had to take note of not being able to convince the Paduans that Giordani had mismanaged. The latter conducted an electoral campaign in a minor tone, strong of the administrative results obtained. The first merit he attributed to himself is that of having pacified the city, which emerged from the turbulence of the Bitonci management. “No fights, just passion for common good: this is my greatest satisfaction – he said taking stock of the five-year period – I worked for a greener city, for neighborhoods more cared for, for more maintenance, but also for a safer city where those who make mistakes pay, but where you have to start from prevention and aim for inclusion “.

A very heartfelt theme in the Catholic world and in the curia. Undoubtedly the administration has healed some wounds, such as the neighborhood of via Ringsconsidered a kind of Bronx: buildings that had become lair of drug dealers and reason for deterioration. A few weeks ago, moreover, the announcement arrived that the new police headquarters will be built in that part of Padua. Giordani has focused heavily on the works and their future realization. Starting with the recognition of pictorial cycles of the center (not only the Scrovegni Chapel) which Unesco world heritage and from the assignment to the city of the title of capital of volunteering. The strength of the road network are two new lines of the tram to be built thanks to an already assigned investment of 400 million euros.

The junta then entrusted the design of a new one masterplan of the railway station to the architect Stefano Boeri and has focused on the enhancement of neighborhoods, such as that ofArcella. Still on paper is the new hospital, a project pursued for twenty years and now close to starting. Will have 1,800 beds900 in the old downtown area (which will be renovated) and another 900 in the area of East Paduawhere they will also arise research centers related to the university. Pressed by greens and give it environmentalistsGiordani will have to solve the problem ofPrandina areain the center, aformer barracks which returns to the availability of the city with its park.

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