Padua, hackers disseminate some medical records stolen from the “Euganea” Usl: they continue to ask for a ransom

At the beginning of December they had been computer system data stolen of the “Euganea” Local Health Unit 6, containing the medical records of all the inhabitants of the province of Padova. A month and a half later hacker they have started publishing them, since in the meantime the Veneto region and the heads of the health facility have not yielded to blackmail. The pirates wanted a fair payment in bitcoinotherwise threatening disclosure. On the eve of January 15, the deadline for the ultimatum, they granted another three days before giving effect to their intention. But on the evening of Saturday 15 they still published some medical records. Perhaps to prove that they have indeed acquired all that data and to attempt to obtain what has so far been officially denied.

The release of some medical records is the demonstration by the authors that the seizure of data is real. A lengthy clarification came from the Asl Euganea: “Our task force, which has never stopped monitoring the situation, an element that made it possible to intercept the publication. Now he is analyzing and cross-referencing the data. We have activated a telephone line dedicated and an email to inform any users involved and respond to doubts and uncertainties “. As for the fact, here is the official reconstruction: “The criminals, differently from what was announced on the web with the three-day postponement of the ultimatum, at 11.20 pm on Saturday 15 January carried out what they had threatened. We remind you that the Ulss 6 Company has promptly implemented specific actions to reconstruct the facts and identify any latent threats and remove potentially compromised components”.

The Ulls admits: “Until now there was no certainty that the criminals had managed to obtain information, in what quantity and their kind. The criminals had made a request for a cash ransom in exchange for not publishing the information, but the extortion attempt was promptly reported to the police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office ”. While the computer system is gone on tilt for weeks, “The Company has always been in possession of 100% of the data and this has allowed, compatibly with the timing aimed at verifying the safety of the services gradually being put back into operation, to reactivate operations and services in the shortest possible time for users “. The Ulls recalls that “the information appeared on the ‘dark web’ they are the result of illegal activities and therefore anyone wishing to consult or use them would commit a crime “. Furthermore, “the only reliable information on the matter is that transmitted by public bodies and the data, although published, are not accessible to any type of user, but can only be reached by IT operators with specific and peculiar technical skills”.

The general director Paolo Fortuna concluded: “We are available to our users for any clarification and we trust that the investigations of the Prosecutor’s Office and the police will make it possible to identify and stop these criminals”.

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