Pablo Silberberg, a former member of Mambrú, spoke about the chance of a meeting: "We don’t want to revive a dead person, but…"


Yes ok “ Mambru“he broke up more than 17 years ago, in 2005, just three years after his reality debut”Popstars“, the fanaticism of his followers is still as valid as two decades ago and they do not lose the illusion of a possible return of the male band.

With classics like “Sometimes” either “It has to change“, the “Backstreet Boys“Argentines, German Tripel, Geronimo Rauch, Emmanuel NtakaMilton Amadeo Y Paul Silverberg they shone among the young people of the time but quickly decided to go their separate ways and continue their artistic careers separately.

In that sense, just a few days ago, the members of the group surprised all their fans by sharing the emotional reunion they had almost 20 years after their start in the Argentine entertainment world.

In dialogue with DailyShow.comPablo Silberberg referred to the surprise meeting he had with his former teammates, the reaction of his fans on social networks and how he lived through the breakup of the band.

The members of <a href=Mambrú almost 20 years after his television debut.” data-height=”-1″ data-size=”w:-1,h:-1″ data-width=”-1″ hspace=”5″ src= “” title=”The members of Mambrú almost 20 years after their television debut.” vspace =”5″>
The viral reunion of the former members of Mambrú.

The reunion gave me great joy and great emotion because Mambrú was a band that, due to the experiment that reality shows began to be, put us in a strange setting for the country and for the situation that nothing like it existed. We were a group questioned, but quickly understanding the situation, we turn to leave everything for the people“, express.

On the breakup of the pop band, the vocalist explained: “There was never any other intention. Neither became a millionaire and the project did not represent a great musical challenge either. and artistic for us. It was a school within the industry, and all to give back to the people. As long as they were happy and enjoyed Mambrú, everything was great. In When we felt that this began to fade, or that our enthusiasm was not the same, we decided to open up”.

“It was a meeting of friends that we all agreed on, that It doesn’t happen very often because Gero (Rauch) lives abroad and I travel a lotbut we decided to do it and the social media boom was inevitable“, defined about his viral meeting with his former teammates.

The end of the Argentine pop band ' <a href=Mambrú’.” data-height=”-1″ data-size=”w:-1,h:-1″ data-width=”-1″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.diarioshow .com/export/sites/cronica/img/2022/05/11/mambruuu.webp_1859083961.webp” title=”The end of the Argentine pop band ‘ Mambrú’.” vspace=”5″>
The end of the Argentine pop band ” Mambrú “.

doMambrú returns as a pop band?:

“There is that of the ´retromania´ We see it everywhere in the world. I do not know if it is something of our human culture the need to claim these figures. Sometimes it’s good, but on the other hand one tries not to revive a dead“, discussed fans’ hope for a band comeback.

I would not find it interesting or good for anyone to generate an expectation about something that doesn’t exist. Mambrú does not exist as a group, it is already dissolved. The band cycle is over. We get together to eat as friends and enjoy the moment knowing that many people were going to get excited about a possible return. Social media allowed us to share our dinner,” bluntly clarified about the possible return.

So, Silberberg gave him power to the publicThe group belongs more to the people than to us. Mambrú is a musical and human meeting point in which the five of us appear. I’m not saying there’s no chance of us doing something together, but if we do it, it would be for the people, not for us. We have no commitment with ourselves or with anyone. Everything that was generated as a result of the photo is a flash. We are excited to be able to give something to our public“.

The post Mambrú for Pablo Silberberg: exorcism and purification

After the breakup of the band, the artist dedicated himself completely to himself and his art with his brother: I recruited myself at home. It was a moment of rather long purification, several years, cleansing. To return to the street, to normal life, although I was never going to go back to being normal, trying to have an ordinary life. I went straight to work with my brother Carlos and we started working on new music, which later became Inmigrantes. stay locked up and work“.

“My mother lived in another country so we travel a lot to go through that exorcism or purification. It was a barbaric moment for us because it was meeting again. Nor had we strayed so far from our essence with Carlos. Always in a duo because I went through the whole reality show, Mambrú and later with him. All we did were excuses to get to Inmigrantes,” He remembered about the years after.

The before and after of Pablo Silberberg after <a href=Mambrú.” data-height=”418″ data-size=”w:750,h:421″ data-width=”745″ hspace=”5″ src=” sites/cronica/img/2022/05/11/pablo_silberberr.jpg_367211184.jpg” title=”The before and after of Pablo Silberberg after Mambrú.” vspace=”5″>
The before and after of Pablo Silberberg after Mambrú.

Regarding his person after having been part of a very famous pop band, the interpreter recognized: “I do not feel that my essence has changed but I had a baggage of a lot of information and years of not being able to do anything. Go back outside. Try to have a normal life. It got hard and weirdI didn’t know where to start, but that’s why I recruited myself. there were many mixed feelings“.

It didn’t change me, but it did change my life. I had to rearrange. Besides, he was very young, he was 18 years old. I was always a person of the street, of the night and going out. Fame is something else and I couldn’t have that life. I had to rearrange my principles. Also facing a musical career with which I wanted to continue, rather start from scratch, and then I had to annihilate some ghosts in my mind. The purification by isolating myself was necessary to return to mewho had never left it, but I had to do a total immersion”, He warned about the great journey he experienced.

The artistic present with the Inmigrantes band:

After the separation from Mambrú, Pablo devoted himself completely to Inmigrantes, the band he has with his twin brother Carlos, Inmigrantes. Currently, the singers are focused on their next album, which is estimated to be released in 2023.

With my brother, Inmigrantes, it’s something completely different from Mambrú. It’s a personal project with him. We released a pandemic album called ‘America’ with the producer of our first album. It was coming back to the scene after several years editing EPs independently. Already we are recording another album to be able to release it at the end of 2022“, revealed to this medium.

Immigrants’ album, “America”.

“The presentation of ´América´ was very special because we had not played for a long time. We had not been on stage since February 2020. Going back to Avellaneda, our city, a little symbolically because it is our second home. We were very afraid for the public because We didn’t know how he was going to respond, everyone was going to seclude themselves more and live everything from within, but we sold out tickets. More than a show, it was catharsis. We had a lot inside to let go“, celebrated the success of his return to the music scene.

And he closed about the great work he has with his brother: “We are one independent band. So we can never be 100% with a theme alone. We have to cover the entire spectrum of work. The production of the album, shows, rehearsals, social networks, communication and everything takes time. In a few months the recording of the new songs for our album will begin. Continue this arduous path that still does not tire us. Our main objectives are to continue recording albums, to tour, to position the band at a national and international level”.


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