"ozark"-Star honored: Laura Linney on "walk of fame" immortalized

“Ozark” star honored
Laura Linney immortalized on “Walk of Fame”.

A star on Hollywood’s famous boulevard – that’s what actors dream of. For “Ozark” actress Laura Linney it is now coming true. Her star is taken next to that of her TV husband Jason Bateman.

US actress Laura Linney (58, “You Can Count on Me”, “Falling”) now has a permanent place in Hollywood. On Monday, Linney unveiled a star plaque with her name on the Walk of Fame. She can hardly believe that she is immortalized next to her idols from film and television, the actress told onlookers and reporters.

If someone had predicted that to her 20 years ago, she would have dismissed it as complete nonsense. At that time she was a “camera-shy theater person”. It goes far beyond her “boldest dreams” to now see her name with a star on the famous sidewalk. Spending time with art is like medicine and food for her, Linney said in her acceptance speech.

At the age of 11 she joined a theater group, later she studied at the famous Juilliard drama school. Linney, who was nominated three times for an Oscar for her film roles in You Can Count on Me, Kinsey and The Savage Siblings, received the star for her longtime television service.

The three-time Emmy Award winner (“Frasier”, “John Adams”) was last seen in the Netflix drama series “Ozark” (2017 to 2022). Linney plays wife Wendy Byrde in the thriller series about the seemingly normal Byrdes family living in the Ozark Plateau, Missouri. Her husband Marty (Jason Bateman) not only works as a financial advisor, but also as a money launderer for a large Mexican drug cartel. Linney’s star was dropped next to her TV husband Jason Bateman.

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