Ozark actress defends shocking ending for her character

Contains spoilers

Ruth’s death in Ozark shocked viewers and divided opinion among fans of the series, which came to an end on Netflix.

However, the actress who played the character, Julia Garner, thought the ending was perfectly fitting.

In an interview with the TeamJulia Garner said she always felt that her character was going to meet that fate in Ozark.

Ruth’s death

“My death was my last scene in Ozark. I think it was the last scene we did. I really think Ruth died when Wyatt died.”

“I think in the end there was only her body. She wasn’t going to voluntarily walk out of life, but I think she was so dead inside that if she had the opportunity to die, she wouldn’t refuse.”

“In the end, she’s not the one going to her death. It is death that is coming for her. She didn’t care about her life anymore.”

“She did what she needed to do, she killed Javi. After this mission, it’s like she’s turned into a ghost.”

In Brazil, Ozark is now available on Netflix.

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