Own housing, water, driver’s licenses, heating subsidies: What is changing this year ?!


  1. The bank will lend you a maximum of four-fifths (80%) of the property price from April. So you will have to have a total of 1 million for your own apartment for 5 million. Only people under the age of 36 get 90 percent borrowed.
  2. The mortgage applicant’s total debt will now be a maximum of 8.5 times his annual net income. So if you take a net fee of 20 thousand a month, you must not owe more than 2.04 million crowns. The ratio is again adjusted for those under 36 (they may owe up to 9.5 times their net annual income).
  3. The monthly amount of total debt repayments will not be able to exceed 45 percent (for people under 36 there is a limit of 50 percent) of monthly net income. So if you take 20,000 net, you can’t repay more than 9,000 a month.


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The crisis in the housing market and the growing demands on mortgages are particularly worrying for young families. The Ministry of Regional Development has prepared special conditions for these. From January, spouses, registered partners or couples caring for a child under the age of 15 can receive a loan of up to CZK 750,000 for the modernization of their home, CZK 3 million for the purchase of an apartment or CZK 3.5 million for the acquisition of a family house. However, they must fit into the age limit of a maximum of 40 years. The amount of the loan provided will continue to be 90 percent of the eligible costs. The maturity of the loan will be 10 years in the case of modernization and up to 30 years in the case of housing acquisition.



If you drive to the bus and taxi lane outside the prescribed time, you can get a new fine on the spot. Until now, the municipal police had to pass these offenses into administrative proceedings. It also means that “townspeople” can also find you on camera and send a fine letter to the owner of the vehicle.


From the New Year, police officers and customs officers will have new powers: if they ask you to pay a fine and you do not obey, they can prevent you from driving again by installing a boot or collecting a registration plate. You will get it back only on business against a fine.


There will be a new 30 instead of 15 days from the date of delivery of the call to pay the fine (correctly speaking the specified amount) in a limited period so that they do not credit you with penalty points. It will help both the owner of the vehicle and the officials.


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The rest of train drivers, who often make fatal mistakes due to exhaustion, is to be regulated by an amendment to the Railways Act. What’s in it?


With effect from 1 January 2022 until 2026, the Ministry of Finance issued a new price bulletin regulating water and sewage prices. According to the ministry, the newly issued acreage brings several novelties that will have a positive impact on the price of water for consumers. The most important is the so-called compensation: if the company collects more in water and sewage than it had, it will have to return these funds to consumers in the form of a lower price in the coming years.

The resort wants to push for services to become cheaper, but will probably only make them more expensive. The price of water and sewerage in the Czech Republic is constantly rising, from 1.5 crowns on average per cubic meter in 1990 to 91.7 crowns in April last year. In May 2020, due to the reduction of the VAT rate from 15 to ten percent, the average republic price fell to 89 crowns, but in 2021 it already exceeded 93 crowns, and this year the price of over a hundred is expected in some cities!


With this spring, the individual regions will start offering low-income households subsidies for the replacement of old boilers. These can help them cover up to 95 percent of the cost. “Households with a net income that did not exceed the limit of CZK 170,900 (CZK 14,242 per person per month) will reach the replacement of the 1st and 2nd emission class solid fuel boilers,” explains Petra Roubíčková, spokeswoman for the Ministry of the Environment. Households where only pensioners with a retirement pension or a 3rd degree disability pension live are then automatically entitled to subsidies. However, other households still have the opportunity to replace the boiler, the contribution can help them pay up to 50 percent of the costs.

You can find the whole article with details in the printed form of the daily Aha! (Jan 11, 2022)

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