Over 20 kilograms heavy: Lisha’s wedding dress was so pompous!

Lisha and Lou’s party was quite complex! The YouTubers said yes for the second time at a big wedding in Mallorca in October. For a few weeks they weren’t allowed to show too much of the celebration and only offered small insights to their community. But now the wedding spam has started and her fans finally know: Lisha looked so beautiful as a bride!

On their Instagramprofile she already shared some snapshots of her big day and revealed the secret: Lisha wore a dress studded with pearls and stones, which flattered her figure. The long skirt was transparent – also with details. She probably took off the pompous train in the course of the evening. The look was completed with a large crown. The special thing about the dress: the dream in white actually weighs around 20 kilos!

Preparing for the moment seems to have been at least as complex as the wedding. Lisha went on a diet and lost about 21 kilograms. Shortly after the wedding, however, she weighed a little more. She does not want to lose these kilos again at the moment.

Instagram / lishaandlou_the_originals

Lisha and Lou, March 2021

Instagram / lishaandlou_the_originals

Lisha and Lou with Lisha’s father (left) at their wedding

Instagram / lishaandlou_the_originals

Lisha preparing for her wedding

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