Outside the ‘Record Island’, ex-BBB reveals living romance with a woman

On Thursday night (21), the participants of “Ilha Record” were surprised to receive the news that the ex-BBB had left the competition. After giving up the confinement, Aline Dahlen revealed in a conversation with Leo Dias, from Metrópoles, the reason for her departure from the Record program, who took Kaio into Exile alongside Victoria.

For the redhead, the hardest thing was to stay away from her newest love, Milena Requião. “I didn’t have any problems with the game. I adapted right away. Reality shows are difficult to face and those who accept the challenge know what to expect. My question was another (…) I left the Island for love”explained Aline, who even had her moment when she was the protagonist of a climax because of an underwear in the bathroom.

With a statement to his beloved, Dahlen continued to justify his departure. “I fell in love and I was hugely reciprocated! The term “suffer for love” was crossed out of my dictionary. If you suffer… it’s not love. And who showed me that was a woman. The love that I always looked for in a man, I found in a woman”, revealed the actress, who is now rooting for Raphael and Solange Gomes.

The redhead said that she tried to talk to two participants of the reality show, however, she decided to protect herself when she saw the disapproving looks. “It was all very recent… and I disappeared, I went to the Island. I didn’t want her to think that she was not being loved, reciprocated, dear. I couldn’t let my happiness go with her. I thought a lot and with all the courage world… I acted with my heart and went after her”, he said.

“I tried to talk it over with two contestants inside. I felt disapproving looks. So I preferred to close myself and keep everything inside my chest. It is still very difficult not to fit into the patterns”, detailed the participant, who was close to Caíque Aguiar and forming alliances with the Ametista group.

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