Outlander season 7: Caitriona Balfe claims it could be the last


The seventh season of Outlander is in the process of production and fans are already wondering if it will be the last. Find out what Caitriona Balfe thinks.

Caitriona Balfe characterized as Claire Fraser
© StarzCaitriona Balfe characterized as Claire Fraser

A new Drought Lander started and the fans of Outlander They have it very clear. After the furor generated by the sixth season of the starz series and the success that was achieved with only eight episodes, now we will have to wait for the arrival of the seventh part. This is because it was only a few weeks ago when the actors confirmed that they began filming the new batch of chapters.

It is not yet known when the seventh season will premiere. Outlanderbut one thing is certain: it will come with more challenges for Jamie and Claire Fraser. The protagonists, played by Caitriona Balfe Y Sam Heughan respectively, were separated at the end of the sixth edition. For what the series raises, she is brought to trial for the alleged murder of Malva Christie (Jessica Reynolds), while he is kidnapped until he is saved by his nephew.

So much so that the last minutes of the eighth episode of the sixth edition show Jamie riding along the beach while looking for Claire. That is to say, the seventh part will begin with the Frasers facing this very serious problem. Even so, the truth is that what is to come is still not known more than the plot it raises the book, Echo in the Bonewhich will be the one that will adapt Starz this time.

However, beyond the fact that the cast is already working on the sequel, fans of Outlander they are anxious to know if the series will have much more future. Then, the seventh season was confirmed long before the end of the shooting of the sixth and, for now, there was no news about an eighth edition. That is why, for the followers, it is of vital importance to know what will be Jamie and Claire’s future.

for the same reason Caitriona Balfe He set out to tell what his opinion is on the matter. According to what the actress confessed during a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the show would be nearing its 10th year of production, which would be “a good period of time” to wrap it up. “We’ll have reached the almost ten year mark by the end of Season 7, which feels like a good amount of time, but we don’t know. Those decisions are way above my influence”, were his exact words.

For its part, Diana Gabaldon, who is the original author of the story, confessed that he would like to adapt all ten books. At present, the writer has only released nine while the tenth is in the process of production and everything seems to indicate that it will be the last. Still, it is not known what will happen to the starz series since from the television network they have not commented on it.

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