Outlander season 6: who really kills Malva?


Malva Christie was murdered and Claire Fraser pointed out as the culprit of said act in the sixth season of Outlander. But who is the real killer? We reveal it to you!

Jessica Reynolds is Malva Christie
© StarzJessica Reynolds is Malva Christie

Despite the sixth season of Outlander was the shortest due to the COVID pandemic and the pregnancy of Caitriona Balfe, was also one of the most surprising. This is because in the six episodes she brought more drama, romance, adrenaline and suspense. In fact, this was what established it as one of the favorites of the fans who enjoyed the plot and Jamie and Claire Fraser’s love story.

However, the reality is that the sixth season of Outlander it also marked a before and after in the lives of the protagonists. Although, of course, the most tragic event they experienced was being separated at the end of the edition since she was taken to prison. Jamie Fraser’s wife was accused of brutally killing Malva Christie, the character of Jessica Reynoldsand who came to Fraser’s Ridge to change everything.

The young niece of Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) arrived at the Fraser properties with her family to ask for a home. But, she quickly became the evil one as she was considered a third in contention between Jamie and Claire. That is why, when she was found murdered, many have blamed Claire, assuring that she, out of jealousy of her, committed the crime. So much so that she was sentenced to a fair trial and in the seventh part it is expected that her situation will be defined.

However, it should be noted that beyond the production of Outlander has taken certain creative licenses, the series is based on Diana Gabaldon’s novels. In other words, it is officially known who the real murderer of Malva was. According to what the original novel reveals, the one who actually killed the girl was Allan (Alexander Vlahos). This character is Malva’s cousin and Thomas’s only son.

From what the original author reveals, Allan and Malva had a relationship and she became pregnant, but he preferred not to have the child. Although, to solve it and prevent everyone from noticing that they were in a relationship, he murdered his own cousin. Of course, now we have to wait to see if the population will finally know the truth about the death of Thomas’s niece. Will Claire be able to prove her innocence? We’ll see.

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