Outlander season 6: the new intoxicating credits tease dangerous days for the Fraser

More than a few months separate us from season 6 of Outlander. These next episodes should be overwhelming and filled with twists and turns. The plot centers on volume 6 by Diana Gabaldon, entitled “A Breath Of Snow And Ashes”. The Fraser family will be confronted with the historic event that Claire dreaded so much: the arrival of the American Revolution. Danger will be omnipresent in this season 6 d’Outlander, but the Frasers will have to deal with other issues as well … The arrival of the Christie family or even more personal changes that Claire will face …

Of love ! – Credit (s): Starz

In addition, to allow us to wait a few more weeks, Starz has just unveiled the new credits for this season 6 of Outlander. It also offers us a preview of unseen images from these upcoming episodes. One thing is certain, it is that the song is always so intoxicating. This time, a male voice mingles with that of a woman and this duet is particularly bewitching.The Skye Boat Song” now still resonates in our minds. In parallel with this song which represents so much Outlander, images of the next episodes paraded before our eyes and many dramas are to be expected.

Sing me a song…

Some of the readers of the sixth volume d’Outlander will be able to link some of the visuals in the sequence to the events of the book … If the sensuality will always be there and that sex scenes between Claire and Jamie should take place as one of the images proves, there will also be a war approaching. Claire can also be seen running out of her house with a rifle preparing to shoot as a fight breaks out at Fraser’s Ridge. The other characters d’Outlander are also present in this opening video of season 6. Anyway, after listening to “The Skye Boat Song”, you won’t be able to get it out of your head!

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