Outlander season 6: new enemies of the Fraser revealed in a new photo

Outlander season 6

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A new photo from Season 6 of Outlander has just been unveiled. New conflicts for the Fraser clan?

Only a few more weeks to wait before finally discovering the new episodes of Outlander! Season 6 of the hit series will air from March and it promises to be full of twists and turns. Thankfully, the show’s producers know fans are impatient and just released a new pic featuring new characters, the Christie family. Be careful, however, these are not new allies to the Fraser clan since the caption of the photo indicates: “Tom Christie didn’t really agree with Jamie in Ardsmuir, now his family is moving to The Ridge”.

We thus discover Lewis Jones in the role of Tom Christie, Jessica Reynolds who will lend his features to Malva Christie and Alexander Vlahos who will play Tom’s son, Allan Christie. Definitely, Jamie and Claire will have something to take care of and unfortunately for them, the enemies will be lining up outside their door. You know, season 6 of Outlander will mark a turning point in the life of the Fraser who must already recover from a big trauma: the assault and rape of Claire. This event which took place at the end of Season 5 of Outlander will have a big impact on our favorite characters. If we add to that inconvenient neighbors …

Soon the end of Outlander?

As rumors begin to tease the end of Outlander, we can’t wait to discover these new episodes. While the magic of Scotland is now behind us, Season 6 will take us deep into the heart of North Carolina as many Scots seek to rebuild their homes away from home. We hope to discover new places, new people and we can’t wait to know more about the new intrigues. For the more impatient, know that Diana Gabaldon’s books are already available if you want to know more before everyone else. Until March, here are 15 adapted series of novels not to be missed!

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