Oussekine, the French series on the Malik Oussekine affair from Disney+: review and trailer

By Laura B. Posted May 10, 2022 2:31 PM

“Oussekine”, a French series inspired by the true story of Malik Oussekine, arrives on the Disney+ platform on May 11, 2022. This series, directed by Antoine Chevrollier, notably features Sayyid El Alami, Kad Merad and Olivier Gourmet.

Disney+ establishes its presence in France with a new french series, Oussekine. This seriesinspired by a true story, that of the death of Malik Oussekinearrives in the section Star of the platform the May 11, 2022.
Besides France, the series is also coming out worldwide, via Disney+as well as in the United States on Hulu.

What is called theMalik Oussekine case, it is the death of this student, during a demonstration, against a university reform project, on December 5, 1986, struck by the police. Also, to be honest, we weren’t expecting such a political story about Disney+. However, the platform has already illustrated its audacity in this area with the American series dopesick on opioid use in the United States.

Oussekine, series in 4 episodes of 60 minutes, is produced and co-written by Antoine Chevrollierdirector of episodes of Black Baron and Office of Legends.

It is Sayyid Al Alami, actor notably revealed in the series by TF1 such a long nightWho embodies Malik Oussekine. In Oussekinehe responds to Hiam Abbass (blade runner 2049), Malek Lamraoui and Tewfik Jallab (Paradise Beach, What binds us, The convoy, The Walk). Kad Merad, Olivier Gourmet (Red, DeGaulle…), Lawrence Stocker (Goliath, A Triumph…) and Thierry Godard (Germinal, A French affair, gears…) are also in the credits ofOussekine.

And more than 36 years after the fact, Malik Oussekinein addition to the series, is also the subject of a film, Our Brothersdirected by Rachid Bouchareb, presented at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Synopsis :

Oussekine is a family tragedy that looks at the events of December 5, 1986 that led to the death of Malik Oussekine, to which no film or series has ever been devoted. Focused on her family’s fight to obtain justice, she delves into the heart of the 80s to understand the impact this tragedy had on French society at the time.

The teaser :

Our review :

Oussekine is, above all, a series moving by the story it tells. And, thanks to this fictionthe story of the death of Malik Oussekine, is, finally, told in detail to the general public. The timing is perfect: such a story unfortunately still echoes the news. 36 years later, police violence is still at the heart of the debate.

Raincoat on the shoulders, such as Columbo or Inspector Gadget, Malik Oussekinebrilliantly embodied by Sayyid Al Alami, is elegant. Little interested in politics, it was at a concert that he attended the evening of his death. The realization wants to be very dynamic when it follows Malik in the streets of Paris. Moreover, to keep the suspensethe detailed account of the evening of Malik Oussekine is shown in dribs and drabs, in small snippets. Director, Antoine Chevrollier, chose to tell, in parallel, everything that happens, for Malik, but also the days that followed his death, from the point of view of his family. A family to whom nothing is spared: in addition to the loss of a son, it will suffer accusations, racist attacks, anonymous phone calls… The director slips into his story many flashbacks to tell the past of Malik and his family, with in particular the demonstration of the Algerians of October 17, 1961 and the tragic end that we know about him.

What is also striking in Oussekine it is the precision with which the era, the year 1986 (and the others), is reconstructed. The cars, where resounds Aziza of Balavoine, clothes and vintage accessories are in their place. Smaïn even does a sketch on TV. But also freedom of tone: Oussekine strives to relate the facts, the truth, not to do in the politically correct or the police.

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