"Our life with 500 kg"-Tammy needs life-saving surgery

Tammy Slaton must fight for her life. In Germany, the American became known to a wider public with the series “The Pound Sisters: Our Life with 500 kg”. She and her sister amy have been fighting the pounds since childhood and are accompanied on this path by cameras. Have again and again tammy and Amy serious health problems. Now is tammy even cheated death. She almost died and now needs life-saving surgery.

Should be next month tammy will be operated on in Atlanta, a source said to be close to her The Sun. The doctors will perform gastric bypass surgery on her, it said. Actually, the intervention was only planned for August, but tammy almost died twice within a week, so the surgery was brought forward.

Her sister Amy has already had gastric bypass surgery. tammy could not have the procedure performed in the past few years because she still weighed too much for it. She had to weigh under 180 kilos for the operation. In the meantime, the TV fame has also repeatedly struggled with severe joint and breathing problems. She recently had a tracheotomy done to help her breathe better.

Tammy Slaton, TV fame
Amy Slaton Halterman

Instagram / amyslaton_halterman

Amy Slaton Halterman

Instagram / official_tammyslaton

Tammy Slaton, ‘Life at 1,000 lbs’ star

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