"Our inspiration is in the newspapers, unfortunately…" : Jean-Luc Reichmann bounces back on the Palmade affair to deem his series essential "Léo Matteï: Brigade of minors" which celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Jean-Luc Reichmann is a man to whom everything smiles. Leading animator of TF1 who wins ratings every day with his popular show The Twelve Strikes of Noonthe 62-year-old is also a very good actor who has been raging for a decade already in the series Leo Mattei. A police concept that he entirely created with his wife Nathalie Lecoultre who even directs certain episodes: “I am ruled by my better half! But, you know… she puts me on stage a little everyday”, admits the man distraught over his wife. “We grow together over the years. Léo looks more and more like me as a character, but the series looks more and more like Nathalie, because she has carried the project as much as I have for the past ten years. And me, if I can bring it as high as possible, it will be really with happiness.“But the great pride of Jean-Luc Reichmann is above all to have been able to put forward, far from traditional police productions, a theme that has always been close to his heart: the protection of children. “Who would have thought that ten years later, Léo Matteï would still be there to try to do prevention for children? he slips to our colleagues. Before adding “who would have thought that after a decade on the air, we would still be, and we can no longer be in the news?” referring according to the Belgian magazine to the “child pornography charges against comedian Pierre Palmade”.

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“We already touch where it hurts… we don’t need to add more”

According to the actor, “That means we have to continue to send messages of caution, education, transmission and respect. These are all the values ​​that I have been trying to promote on TV for years. And as there are more and more plagues developing around children, this series is – I think – still very useful.” And how does he intend to achieve the challenge of continuing to pursue such delicate subjects without worrying viewers too much? “This season, there is not a murder, not a drop of blood. It’s very important for me, because we’re already hitting where it hurts… we don’t need to add more.”, explains the favorite animator of the French. The new season opens with an episode addressing violence against women. And, once again, the presenter wants to be an educator: “The danger is not necessarily where you think it is, it is everywhere!The most important thing for us is to anchor our plots in everyday life and to get the children to talk. We don’t want to be too harsh, too alarmist, or too pathos. We really want to stay in the truth of what happens every day. We, our inspiration, it is in the newspapers, unfortunately…” And to soften the subjects of his “Scrutineering Brigade”, Jean-Luc Reichmann did not hesitate to invite his friends from show business! Lorie, Mimie Mathy, Estelle Lefébure, Philippe Bas or even Xavier Deluc, all answered the call, because as the main hero of these adventures enthusiastically points out: “These are mothers and fathers, people who are also interested in our fight with Nathalie, and who want to bring their small stone to the building of childhood (…) It is great pleasure to see that more and more people join our cause. How touching…” While waiting for the next broadcast of the 10e season, Happy Birthday!


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