Our Father?: What happened to Dr. Cline and how is he today

The documentary Our Father? barely debuted in Netflix and has already left subscribers all over the world completely shocked. The film follows the story – and the terrible crimes – of a doctor who violates the privacy of his patients in artificial insemination sessions. Anyone who has already checked out the scary launch wants to know: what happened to Dr. Don Cline in real life?

“A woman takes a DNA test and discovers multiple half-siblings, revealing a shocking scheme involving a famous artificial insemination expert,” states the official synopsis for Our Father? on Netflix.

Altogether, Dr. Cline has inseminated over 90 women with his own semen. The doctor’s crimes were discovered by chance, through home DNA tests that have become very popular in recent years.

We explain below everything about what happened to Dr. Cline and where the doctor is currently; check out.

As the crimes of Dr. Cline were discovered?

In 2014, Jacoba Ballarda purchased a kit from the company 23andMe, which specializes in home DNA testing.

Jacoba grew up in a loving family, but in her childhood, she discovered that she had been conceived through artificial insemination. Her mother, due to complications to get pregnant, used sperm from a donor.

In addition to revealing the ethnic origin of customers, the company 23andMe also reveals the existence of lost biological relatives. By entering her name into the system, Jacoba found seven half-siblings.

The finding served as a wake-up call, as fertility doctors do not usually use sperm from the same donor more than three times.

As time passed, but brothers were discovered. Eventually, it became clear that Dr. Cline had not used donor sperm – but his own semen – in artificial inseminations.

Until the release of Our Father? On Netflix, 94 “children of Cline” were found. The doctor’s actual number of victims is bound to be much higher.

What happened to Dr. Our Father’s Cline? Where is Don Cline these days?

Many Netflix subscribers wonder, why Dr. Wasn’t Cline held accountable for his terrible crimes?

After a long and intense court battle, Dr. Cline was only convicted of obstruction of justice – not rape or sexual abuse, as the victims demanded.

The former doctor only had to pay a tiny fine of $500 and spend a year on probation.

Cline also lost his license to practice medicine. However, as he had already retired, the measure was completely useless.

Since the revelation of Dr. Cline, the US state of Indiana has included in its legal system the crime of “insemination with illicit donors”.

Today, the countless “children of Cline” fight for the inclusion of crime in the federal laws of the United States.

Former doctor Donald Cline, meanwhile, lives as a free man. Nowadays, the retiree resides in the Indianapolis area.

Our Father? is available in the Brazilian Netflix catalog.

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