Our December-January 2022 nutrition special is out!

Some foods are more beneficial than others. And by bringing them more often to our table, they contribute to strengthening our health. It is not for nothing that it is said, for example, that the apple away from the doctor. The apple contributes to a healthy and balanced diet. look our file, p. 26 from p. 39and you will see that she collects the good points.

In this number, let’s go to the market to better consume fruits and vegetables with rich nutritional properties (page 14).

Organic, local… Buy on the farmthis is the subject Green (page 44) of this special issue.

Too many kilos, and if it was the thyroid? This is the common thread running through our Eating Better report (page 54). Explanations and advice from our experts for lose weight by balancing the thyroid.

Overwork, stress, depression… What foods to resist better? This is the key subject of our dossier Healing through food (page 74).

We discover 10 recipes good for morale (page 92)

Learn to make a light panettone (Section “It’s homemade” page 62)

  • Is it necessary eat before exercising ? (page 40);
  • Hair : foods that are good for them (page 48);
  • What do you eat to quit smoking without gaining weight? (page 80);
  • Full of probiotics (page 86).

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