Our book tips: nail biter of a thriller and Hamont film connoisseur about his passion

At high altitude – a journey through the Himalayas

Erika Fatland

The Norwegian travel writer traveled for a year through all five countries of the Himalayas: Pakistan, India, Nepal, China and Bhutan. The result is an intriguing portrait of life at high altitude, but also of a complex region at the intersection of tradition and modernity.

De Geus, 688 pages, 34.99 euros

The prisoner

BA Paris

In the glamor world of London, Amelie meets the handsome and wealthy Ned, whom she soon marries. But one day she wakes up in a darkened room in a place she doesn’t know. How did she get there and who is holding her captive? From the author of Behind closed doors.

Ambo/Anthos, 360 pages, 22.99 euros

About cinema

Mark Didden

“I have led a strange life, for an ordinary boy from Hamont, without ambition,” says film journalist, director and teacher Marc Didden. He talks about that remarkable life, his encounters with great directors and the film industry behind the scenes About cinema.

Luster, 288 pp., 26.95 euros

Grimm’s fairy tales

Elli Woollard and Marta Altes

Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, The Elves and the Shoemaker and The Bremen Town Musicians: five Grimm fairy tales in refreshing, funny rhymes by Elli Woollard in a translation by Margaretha van Andel. With atmospheric illustrations by Marta Altés. Idea for Santa? From 8 years.

Lemniscate, 93 pp., 14.99 euros

The wedding portrait

Maggie O’Farrell

The middle of the sixteenth century. Lucrezia, daughter of the Grand Duke of Florence, is married before her thirteenth birthday to the ruler of Florence. Her sheltered life comes to an abrupt end and Lucrezia, still a child, gets lost in a web of intrigue.

Nijgh & van Ditmar, 432 pp., 25.99 euros

Compiled by the editors in collaboration with independent bookshops Malpertuis in Genk, Grim in Hasselt and Nabukov in Sint-Truiden

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