Our beautiful family: what becomes of Carol’s children?

We knew them as young teenagers and we saw them grow up during seven seasons of “Our beautiful family”, discover what became of the interpreters who played Carol’s children in the series.

Our beautiful family, family sitcom from the 90’s

The sitcoms of the 1990s rocked the youth of many of us. Among the many American shows that we were able to follow in France, there were in particular Our beautiful family. Aired on ABC between 1991 and 1997 (and on CBS between 1997 and 1998), the series aired with us on M6 and has since benefited from numerous reruns. We follow the daily life of a blended family with Father Frank Lambert (Patrick Duffy), and his new wife Carol Foster (Suzanne Somers). Small problem, both already have three children each to whom they have hidden their union. Their offspring will therefore discover overnight that their whole life must change and thatthey will all have to live together.

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For years we had fun seeing the children of Carol, Dana, Karen and Mark, bickering with the children of Frank, JT, Alicia and Brendan. But what happened to them? Focus, to begin with, on Carol Foster’s two daughters and son.

Staci Keanan – Dana Foster

Dana is Carol’s oldest daughter. In Our beautiful family, it is Staci Keanan who interpreted it, having been in three seasons of My two dads (1987-1990). The actress also intervened for an episode in Incorrigible Cory (1996) and Lois Clark (1997), and filmed in the 2000s in a few films, mostly unseen in France. We will note all the same a short presence in Nowhere (1997) by Gregg Araki as well as in You again! (2010).

Dana (Staci Keanan) – Our Beautiful Family ©ABC

The actress finally put aside the film sets to devote herself to law studies under her real name, Anastasia Sagorsky. After graduating, she became Los Angeles District Attorney. She remains very discreet on social networks but is always in touch with certain members of Our beautiful family like Christine Lakin who played Al.

Angela Watson – Karen Foster

In the series Angela Watson plays Carol’s second daughter, Karen, a shallow teenage girl who is far from the smartest in the family. After Our beautiful family, the actress has not participated in many productions either. At 23, she has totally disappeared. Indeed, she met a man who, as she herself puts it, “brainwashed“. Under his influence for twenty years, she turned on her family and friends and cut all contact. It was only recently that she was able to get out of this situation and return to her relatives. She explained her situation on the occasion of the 108th American podcast Worst Ever Podcast co-hosted by Christine Lakin.

Angela Watson
Angela Watson

Christopher Castile – Mark Foster

Carol’s son, Mark is the archetype of the nerd, a nerd with glasses who never misses an opportunity to make fun of the naivety of his big sister Karen. In parallel with the series, his interpreter Christopher Castile could turn Beethoven (1992) and its sequel (1993). A real child star who nevertheless stopped his career at the end of Our beautiful family for become a teacher.

Christopher Castile
Christopher Castile

From tomorrow you will find our article on the performers who played the children of Frank Lambert.

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