"Otherwise I would have committed suicide…" : Nicolas Sarkozy evokes a dark period of his political life!

If today he is somewhat removed from public political life, Nicolas Sarkozy is nonetheless one of the main players. Like a gray eminence trying to pull the strings behind the scenes, the former head of state receives, listens, advises and places his pawns. During the last presidential election, it was the whole right that longed to know if the former boss was going yes or no to choose to publicly support a Valérie Pécresse whose campaign was already taking on water from all sides. And a coup de grace for the Versaillaise, its former president chose to let it sink without throwing a buoy into the sea. So it is not surprising that, riddled with debts, the former candidate of the Republicans returned to him like a paddle his offering of 2000 euros paid to help reimburse his campaign costs.

Nicolas Sarkozy talks about his time at the European Parliament

But no matter, since his accession to the Élysée, it is Emmanuel Macron who collects the favors of the former tenant of 55 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. Delighted to be able to distill his advice as a former leader, Nicolas Sarkozy frequents the close guard of the Head of State to whom he passes on a certain heritage. The husband of Carla Bruni has also recently confided in Stéphane Séjourné, leader of the Renew group in the European Parliament and companion of Gabriel Attal, reports this Thursday the Opinion. The opportunity for the former President of the Republic to evoke his meager experience in Brussels in 1999: “I resigned. You know why ? Because otherwise I would have committed suicide.“After having supported Édouard Balladur in 1995 against Jacques Chirac during the presidential election, Nicolas Sarkozy had indeed then experienced a long crossing of the desert before resurfacing at the Ministry of the Interior in 2002 in the government of Jean-Pierre Raffarin Funny revelation from the man who “sent” Rachida Dati to Brussels in 2009 after ousting her from his government.


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