Other Mexican films very similar to What is Karma’s fault?


If you have enjoyed the latest Netflix premiere with Aislinn Derbez and Renata Notni, here we have 3 other recommendations to watch on the streaming platform. Add all these comedies to your list!

Aislinn Derbez and Renata Notni star in What is Karma's fault?
© NetflixAislinn Derbez and Renata Notni star in What is Karma’s fault?

August is the month of mexican cinema Y Netflix It is the ideal streaming platform to access a good part of the most outstanding productions of this country. Is that the red N launched a new collection entitled Que México Se Vea: A Celebration of Mexican Cinema, offering the best of the local industry. In this sense, it came What fault is karma?a film starring Aislinn Derbez and Renata Notni that invites us to rethink if everything is really the fault of our bad luck.

Since August 3rd, this film directed by Elizabeth Miller, winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes, which follows Sara, a frustrated fashion designer who blames all her misfortunes on karma. Her destiny will bring her face to face with her younger sister, Lucy, who enjoys a very different fate after getting engaged to the boy she liked as a teenager. If you have enjoyed this Mexican production, here we review 3 other very similar movies that you can find on the streaming platform.

+ 3 films such as What is Karma’s fault? on netflix

– So sad your life

Aislinn Derbez also includes the distribution of So sad your life, another Mexican production available to enjoy on Netflix. For just over an hour and a half, it follows a publicist living in Mexico City who sinks down a path of bad decisions and misfortune. It is that this man is trying to get back with his ex-partner thanks to the help of his best friend. Premiered in 2016 under the direction of Louis Edward Reyesthis film starring Jose Maria de Tavira and Ilse Salasis one of the comedies that will catch you if you are looking for something similar to What fault is karma?

– Tell me when you

Are you passionate about romantic comedies? Then you’ll have to see tell me when youa film directed by Gerardo Gatica and starring Jesus Zavala, Ximena Romo and Veronica Castro. For one hour and forty minutes, they all tell a most sentimental story: a workaholic man decides to put his routine life on hold to fulfill his grandfather’s great dream. In this sense, he will embark on the adventure of visiting the most emblematic places in Mexico City to end up finding love.

– Grandma’s Wedding

Mexico, comedy, drama and crazy stories. All of that can be found at grandma’s weddingthe sequel to Grandma’s birthday. That 2015 film presents four brothers and their father who start a wave of revelations with stories of infidelity, secrets and lies. In this second installment, directed by Xavier Hills and starring Susana Alezander, Dino Garcia and Macaria, the story continues with the grandmother marrying a young gardener, forcing the family to reunite for a weekend of drama and culture shock. One last detail! Renata Notni is also part of the cast.

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