Other health problems at StarDance Dancer Miraie dropped out

Fortunately, the television has plenty of substitutes from apostate couples, so the singer sucks the dancer after actor Zdeněk Godl. (46). “Not only is covid an enemy of StarDance, but this year is really challenging both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I managed to find the limits of my own body. Everything hurts, I can barely walk. “ said Lenka, what got her on her knees, saying that she is very happy that Tereza Prucková will be the replacement(36), who is already honestly working with the singer on Saturday’s performance.

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The winning band of the year Mirai: I’m scared, I couldn’t take it, says Navrátil

“Terka is great and in a while she was completely in the picture and she is already coaching me. Of course, I’m used to Lenka and it’s different for me now, but I believe we can handle it. “ Mirai added to the redhead’s address. Saturday night is to be danced for the Paraple Center and due to the charitable undertone, neither of the couples will drop out.

Mirai saves unfinished songs directly under the name “hit”

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