Otávio Müller terminates contract with Globo after 21 years

Otávio Müller, aged 57, decided not to renew with TV Globo after working for 21 years with a fixed contract at the station. He should now receive for work and already has closed projects.

The actor debuted in the telenovela Anything goesin 1988, and was part of the cast of The Owner of the World🇧🇷 Bad angel🇧🇷 Force of a Wish🇧🇷 Celebrity🇧🇷 Workout and Tropical paradise, among others. In addition to the serials, Otávio also made the series tapas & kisses🇧🇷 The Mayanss, Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands and Under new direction🇧🇷

Last year, the actor was in the telenovela A Place in the Sunand recently recorded the series The Game That Changed Historyfrom Globoplay, in which he plays a political prisoner.

According to a column by Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo, Otávio is currently shooting the film Deus é Brasileiro 2, by Cacá Diegues. In the plot, he plays Carlitão, Taoca’s brother-in-law and Madá’s brother, played in the first film by Wagner Moura and Paloma Duarte. The duo will not be in the new film.

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