Otaviano Costa receives a message from Celso Portiolli and gets emotional: "great human being"

Octaviano Costa, SBT’s new hire, celebrated his new journey on TV on social networks, this Thursday (01/13), and was moved to receive a message of support from Celso Portiolli.

In a series of stories on Instagram, Otaviano told about the happiness of returning to the station, where he worked in the 90s. “I’m playing a Mion here, but… I’m very happy, because I just read a message from Celso Portiolli on my Instagram. Celso, who is a great guy, a great human being, a great communicator and who comes from this house that I’m having the pleasure of returning to work.”

Costa continued, guaranteeing that he could identify with the way SBT employees present their respective programs: “SBT is a house of communicators, which, thank God, that’s how I consider myself too. They are popular communicators, who talk to the whole class, who talk to the family, what a mess, who fall to the ground, who sing, who play and who speak in a popular way”. The news of his hiring gained repercussion on the web, and Otaviano says he is happy. New presenter of “Masters of Sabotage”, the artist also talked about Silvio Santos, your new boss.

I will work on Silvio Santos’ television as a communicator. My first television job was at SBT, then I worked as an actor. But now, I’m going to work as a communicator. I’m a communicator, thank God! I love what I do. Now at Silvio Santos’ house, the biggest of them all. Thank you to you, the most important and fundamental to my life. People who have followed me for a long time. It’s years of cameras, microphones, live, recorded.”

“So many situations, so many emotions, so many movements and you always with me. Thank you for participating in my grandstand of life”, completed the actor.

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