Osvaldo Ríos: why he decided to resign from Televisa in 2011

One of the most remembered and successful actors in the world of Mexican soap operas is Osvaldo Rios who participated in various Televisa productions, but in 2011 decided to move away from the cameras and recording sets to dedicate himself to his family. This is how the artist left fame and great international recognition on the back burner.

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Despite being born in Puerto Rico, the professional career of Osvaldo Rios, As an actor, he had important results in Mexico where he starred in several productions such as “Kassandra” (1992), “La viuda de blanco” (1996), “Abrazame muy fuerte” (2000), “Gata savage” (2002) and “El zorro : the sword and the rose ”(2007).

For a time he was considered one of the most sought-after gallants in Mexico, conquering his thousands of fans who admired his work in dramas. Thus, his fame increased much more when he was part of the cast in many Televisa productions.

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Osvaldo Ríos was one of the most important actors in Televisa.


The last soap opera in which the actor participated Octavio Rios was “Triunfo del amor” where he demonstrated his great talent by playing Osvaldo Sandoval, the husband of Victoria Gutiérrez de Sandoval (Victoria Ruffo) who was the owner of a major fashion company.

But after that participation, the actor decided to step aside and move away from the world of acting. The reasons for this radical decision were explained during an interview with journalist Lourdes Del Río through her podcast ‘En positives’.

Osvaldo Ríos worked with Victoria Ruffo in Triunfo del amor.
Osvaldo Ríos worked with Victoria Ruffo in Triunfo del amor.

I’m going to tell you something that I haven’t told anyone: I resigned from Televisa in 2011 because, I mean, my mission from now on is to unite my three children from different mothers under the same roof, growing up with a family with his father”, He declared.

With this, he renounced the exclusive contract he had with the chain Televisa with which it would benefit for many years to have good economic stability.

After that, he traveled to Miami where he lived with his three children.

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My son Giuliano helped me a lot, the oldest, because he moved in with me; Osvaldo Gabriel, I travel from Puerto Rico on a weekend, yes, a weekend, and Alessandro, who lives 5 minutes from my house, because he spends practically all his time with me.“, I note.

This is how the actor and his children shared pleasant moments as a family, since the actor’s purpose was that his heirs do not see themselves as brothers of a father but as brothers, something that with time he could achieve.

It really has been a very nice experience, I think it has been one of the wisest decisions. I may no longer have the exclusive contract that I had with Televisa, but the executive producer of films in Hollywood also arises there, they opened other doors for me, I became my own boss, my oldest son begins to work with me and that facilitates the process also that the four of us spend more time together”, He sentenced.


Osvaldo Rios Alonso is an actor born in Puerto Rico, on October 25, 1960.

He studied bass and guitar in San Juan de Puerto Rico and thanks to this he was able to be part of some musical groups in his city.

When he was a teenager he showed great talent for acting and that was how years later he was able to participate in his first production “En that beach”, where he participated with the Venezuelan actress Rudy Rodríguez.

Another of his appearances was in the telenovela “Kassandra”, produced for RCTV de Venezuela. Then “Three Destinations” would arrive, whose filming was in Miami, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles (United States) for Telemundo Network USA.

Over time he was able to travel to Mexico where he worked with Delia Fiallo. This was how he began his career in the Mexican soap operas that gave him a lot of popularity.

In 2021 he was in charge of the executive production of the film “Elsa & Fred” directed by Michael Radford and filmed in New Orleans. The film starred Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer.

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