Oscars, 10 actors who won the coveted statuette in their first nomination

In anticipation of this Sunday’s Oscars, let’s find out which actors in the past have taken home the coveted statuette at their first nomination.

There is great trepidation for the 2023 Oscar Awards, which will be delivered this Sunday in Los Angeles. In the meantime, however, let’s take a look at past editions, and in particular at 10 actors who won the coveted statuette in their first nomination.

L’Oscars it is the dream of many actors who have poured effort, sweat and passion into their work. Despite the great interpretations, however, it doesn’t always arrive, and in some cases when it arrives it can even be several years after the first nomination of the actor or actress in question (just think of Leonardo DiCaprio).

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Yet there have been actors, throughout the long and prestigious history of the QAcademy Awards, who have managed to triumph right away.

Let’s see 10, aided by the Collider site that compiled this liaison.

How will the Oscars 2023 go instead? Who will we see triumph in the various categories?

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