Oscar 2023 | Nominees available on streams – part 2

Last call! If you haven’t seen the Oscar-nominated movies yet, you better hurry! With the most famous ceremony in the world taking place this Sunday (12), it is humanly impossible to watch all the nominees. So, at this point in the season, you can run to the cinemas and watch those that are still showing or choose the nominees that appear in the catalogs of the main streams from Brazil. Since this is part 2, you can find other great nominees in the part 1.

But before starting this post, you can check the list of all Oscar nominees by clicking here. The separation of films was made according to the platforms on which they can be found.

Amazon Prime Video

Big winner of the last Oscar edition, the Amazon Prime Video comes strong with the big favorite to be the night’s title pope and a scatological parody that may surprise.

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Everything Everywhere at the Same Time

With “only” 11 Oscar nominations, in the Best Film categories; Best actress (Michelle Yeoh); Best Direction; Best Original Screenplay; Best Supporting Actor (Ke Huy Quan); Best Supporting Actress (Jamie Lee Curtis), Best Soundtrack and Best Costume Design, Everything Everywhere at the Same Time is the favorite to leave with a truckload of trophies at the end of the night. The story follows a Chinese immigrant who built her life with her lazy husband in the US, but now struggles to pay the fees. The monotony and despair of ordinary life melt away when a threat from the Multiverse begins to attack multiple realities and she is chosen to help stop this creature.

Triangle of Sadness

After shining in palm d’or, Triangle of Sadness arrives at the Oscars with nominations for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. Despite not being one of the favorites, you never know when the Academy will try to surprise. The film is a Swedish satire on human nature and the liquidity of modern relationships. The plot accompanies a male model who was once the most desirable in the world, but now struggles to get a job that properly values ​​him. And this directly affects his relationship with a digital influencer who is more concerned with his virtual image than the rest. But the situation gets even more complicated when they go on a rich people’s cruise, which ends up sinking, which leads the survivors to the most insane and disgusting attitudes.

Apple TV+

Still gaining its space little by little in the awards, the Apple TV+ it comes with fewer nominees than in the last edition, but it has a chance to tweak something.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Nominated in the category of Best Animated Short Film, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse is an adaptation of a children’s book that was a resounding sales success. The story follows a little boy, who is very friendly with a Mole, confesses that his dream is to have a home. Thus, they begin a journey to try to make that dream come true, even if they don’t quite understand what exactly a home is.


In recent years, in addition to the animated categories, Disney+ has also appeared in the documentary category due to the acquisition of NatGeo. And this year was no different.

Volcanoes: The Tragedy of Katia and Maurice Krafft

Indicated in the category of Best Feature Documentary, Volcanoes: The Tragedy of Katia and Maurice Krafft tells the story of a couple of scientists who dedicated their lives to studying and better understanding volcanoes so that no one else would have to die from an eruption. O doc uses many images made by the duo themselves, until reaching its sad end, precisely involving a volcano.

Le Pupille

Nominated in the Best Live Action Short Film category, Le Pupille is a short about childhood innocence and greed, shown from the perspective of a group of girls from a Catholic orphanage during the Great Wars. With the proximity of Christmas and misery taking over the world with resources being directed towards the clashes, the rebellious girls organize themselves to try to get a cake from Mother Superior.


O HBO Max is another platform that has accumulated nominations in this award.

Everything That Breathes

Featured in the category of Best Feature Documentary, Everything That Breathes is a doc about environmental preservation. It follows the daily saga of two brothers to save the black kite, a bird of prey fundamental to the Indian ecosystem, which suffers from the enormous pollution of New Delhi.


also indicated to Best Feature Documentary, Navalny surfs the wave of the anti-Russia movement, strengthened by the war against Ukraine, to tell the story of the lawyer Alexei Navalny, who became Putin’s main opponent and survived a poisoning attempt. The plot brings a series of stories and investigations that bring to light several scandals in Russian politics. He is the great favorite of the category.


Right presence at the ceremony, Netflix now it also gains strength in documentaries.

The Martha Mitchell Effect

Another Doc of a political nature, The Martha Mitchell Effect was nominated for Best Short Documentary. He accompanies the socialite and gossip, Martha Mitchell, who had a lot of influence during the government of Richard Nixonbut which began to lose prestige and experience difficulties after the scandal of watergate.

How to Take Care of a Baby Elephant

Like the previous production, How to Take Care of a Baby Elephant competes in the category of Best Short Documentary and may come as a surprise, as it brings a well-constructed drama of an Indian couple who adopt and take care of Raghu, a baby elephant who was abandoned by his herd after seeing his mother die from electrocution. And since the elephant is an incredibly sacred creature, the couple, who had their difficulties, see the possibility of raising this baby as a divine blessing. It is a sensitive and moving story.

With presentation of Jimmy KimmelO Oscar 2023 it happens this Sunday, March 12.

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