Oscar 2023 | Find out which Actresses were SNOPPED at the 95th edition of the biggest film award

Yesterday, on the morning of Tuesday, January 24, the nominees for the Oscar 2023 were announced. This will be the 95th edition of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards. As usual, some productions were certain to be among the nominees, such as The Fabelmans (a new work by the brilliant Steven Spielberg) and The Banshees of Inisherin (from director Martin McDonagh, which has been praised as one of the best films of the season). Others, although highly publicized and well supported by their fans, become a welcome surprise when their nominations are actually confirmed. In this edition, productions like Everything and Everywhere at the Same Time, Avatar: The Path of Water and even Top Gun: Maverick become the underdogs.

This new Oscar story, however, focuses on the actresses who were “forgotten at the barbecue.” Stars and actresses who gave their all in an award-winning performance who for some reason were completely snubbed by Academy voters. In the article, we have cases of actresses who were even remembered for other prestigious awards, such as the SAG (American actors union award), the BAFTA (the British Oscar) and the Golden Globe, but left out of the Oscar. We also have cases of actresses whose performance was considered certain to be among those nominated by experts, but due to the lack of popularity of the film in which they star (whether with the public or with critics), they ended up snubbed. We selected 10 that could appear in this edition of the Oscars. Check it out below.

The giant Viola Davis was one of the most felt absences in this new edition of the Academy Awards. Oscar winner for A Boundary Between Us (2016) and owner of three other nominations (The Supreme Voice of the Blues, Cross Stories and Doubt), Davis is the star of the empowered historical action drama The Woman King, which talks about a tribe of African warrior women. The film did not get any Oscar nominations, but the actress was nominated for her performance at important awards such as the SAG (actor’s syndicate award), the BAFTA (British Oscar) and the Golden Globe.

The young star Jennifer Lawrence also already has her Oscar statuette decorating the house, for the movie Silver Linings Playbook (2012). In addition, just like Viola Davis, she has three other nominations to call her own – for the films The Winter of the Soul, American Hustle and Joy: The Name of Success. By moving away from overproductions and betting on a smaller and more intimate work, J-Law gave his all in portraying a military woman trying to heal a physical and psychological trauma, and it is clear that she sought recognition for her performance. Despite this, who appeared in all the awards of the season was his screen partner, Brian Tyree Henry – even managing to reach the Oscar with a nomination.

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One of the most snubbed films at the 2023 Oscars was this production that portrays the epicenter of the #metoo movement, which exposed the sexual and psychological abuse suffered by women within the North American audiovisual industry. It was thanks to the movement and its repercussions, which saw many actresses bringing their painful personal experiences against well-known predators to the public, that professional conduct within such environments was changed forever. She Said shows the investigation of two women journalists from the New York Times to uncover this story and was considered the Spotlight of 2023. Two very talented young actresses give substance to this narrative: Carey Mulligan (nominated for an Oscar for Beautiful Revenge and Education) and Zoe Kazan. The two were also largely ignored despite their strong performances. Mulligan, however, received BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations.

Danielle Deadwyler is an actress who featured in many of the pools of speculators for Oscar 2023 nominations. Although she is not a face that is still well known to the general public, the actress has participated in series like Atlanta, Watchmen and Station Eleven, and in films like Revenge and Punishment (2021). But what caught the attention of moviegoers was Deadwyler’s performance in the drama about racism, based on a true story, Till – The Quest for Justice, from Universal Pictures, which tells the murder of young black Emmett Till in 1955 – the actress plays his mother . Deadwyler was nominated at SAG and BAFTA, but ended up snubbed, just like the film, at the Oscars.

The drama Entre Mulheres received two Oscar 2023 nominations, including best film of the year, even so it is considered one of the biggest snubs of the edition. As a female drama that addresses very poignant issues in such a universe, directed by a woman and with a predominantly female cast, the feature deserved more attention from the Academy. For example, it could have earned its director Sarah Polley a one-year nomination without a female director in the directing category. Other than that, it could also have nominated one of its four leading actresses, in impactful performances. That is, Frances McDormand (Oscar winner for Fargo, Three Billboards for a Crime and Nomadland), Rooney Mara (Oscar nominee for Millenium and Carol), Jessie Buclkey (Oscar nominee for The Lost Daughter) and Claire Foy had a chance, but were snubbed.

There is also a decisive factor when it comes to nominating a work or an artist for the highest cinema award: the film needs to happen. What that means is that a certain movie needs to be a hit with critics or audiences. Hardly a box office disaster and a critical failure will be remembered by Oscar voters – unless it has an element of excellence that draws a lot of attention (like Ana de Armas’ performance in Blonde). This is the case with the unfulfilled promise of Babilônia, which generated great expectations as one of the strong contenders for the 2023 Oscar, but ended up completely losing strength after its release. The film was nominated for three technical awards, despite this, nobody questions the delivery of the muse Margot Robbie (Oscar nominee for I, Tonya and The Scandal), snubbed by the Academy, but nominated for the Golden Globe.

Another film that “didn’t happen” was the drama Empire of Light, by Sam Mendes (Oscar winner for American Beauty and nominated for 1917), about a local manager’s discovery of a passion for cinema and the fight against racism in a small coastal town. English in 1980. The film went almost blank at the Oscars, being remembered only for best cinematography. Who stars is Olivia Colman, Oscar winner for The Favorite and owner of two other nominations (My Father and The Lost Daughter) and a new nomination was expected for the actress, who ended up snubbed. However, her performance was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Red-haired Jessica Chastain finally took the best actress Oscar last year for the biopic The Eyes of Tammy Faye, after being nominated for Cross Stories and Zero Dark Thirty. This year, the star had significant work in O Enfermeiro da Noite, based on a terrifying true story. Although the film did not appear at many awards, his co-star Eddie Redmayne was remembered for BAFTA, SAG and Golden Globe nominations. Chastain’s performance, however, although equally powerful, was ignored not only at the Oscars but also at the aforementioned awards.

Another original Netflix production that could have been at the Oscars. O Milagre has all the appearance of awards and at the helm is the famous Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Lelio, who won the Oscar for foreign film for Uma Mulher Fantástica (2017). Starring in The Miracle, we have Florence Pugh, one of the most talented young actresses of her generation, who we are sure will soon be nominated for an Oscar. It could have been this time, but next time. The Miracle, which tells of a nurse trying to unmask an alleged miraculous fast in 1862, was nominated for best film at the BAFTA.

Finishing the list of actresses snubbed by the 2023 Oscars, we have what could be the triumphant return of star Anne Hathaway to the prestige of awards, after a long season of failures in her career. It’s been 8 years since the actress has seen a great success in her career, in that period delivering no less than nine productions that proved to be consecutive failures. It’s hard for her. Redemption could have been achieved by Armageddon Time, much talked about initially, in which the actress plays the mother of a little boy growing up in the 80s. The film serves as a biography of director James Gray, as well as The Fabelmans for Spielberg. The film seems to have not been exciting, staying away from the big awards – and Hathaway ended up equally snubbed.

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