Orozco Barrientos released his third album, "Return": "We went back to our neighborhood and the old songs"

After spending many years composing, performing at concerts, festivals and awards, “Orozco Barrientos”Like all artists in the world, they had to stop because of the pandemic. During this break they decided to release their third album, “Return”, after being 8 years without publishing a new material.

Fortunately our audience received it very well and We were able to present it at the Margarita Xirgu Theater on Saturday, November 6. So the response was wonderful, magnificent and we feel that the people who come to the album are taken with the material. We are very happy, expressed Fernando Barrientos on how his followers received this new album.

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Raúl “Tilín” Orozco and Fernando Barrientos began making songs with the idea that other artists interpret them, but thanks to the greatest exponent of Argentine folklore, they dared to go on stage and made themselves known. “The one who invited us was Mercedes Sosa. She invited us from the first time and we still didn’t even call ourselves Orozco Barrientos. He invited us to open his shows in Mendoza in a massive recital. Mercedes has been for us a beacon, an exemplary artist “, one of the members of the folk duo recalled very excitedly.

In addition, they made reference to the name they decided to give their new album: “Regreso”. “Somehow we went back to our neighborhood and to the old songsIn fact there are two or three songs that are among the first we did with “Tilín”. It was to return to independence, it was to return to the source in some way that is how we had begun to compose. It was also returning from a very painful pandemic, from a very tough global instance, and other things also highlight that return “, Barrientos explained nostalgic, but at the same time happy with this new release.

Also, this was their first album that they made independently, that is, without a record label to back them up. Faced with this, they were very happy as they clarified that the process in preparation did not change. It can also be said that it is somewhat familiar, since the sons of “Tilín” are involved in the production of this new hit.

“Regreso”, the new album by Orozco and Barrientos.

For all their fans, they recommended to buy this new album. “People are going to find our signature style to understand and interpret the songs and with songs that have saved us, somehow, because for so long next to them in this hard time was a very strong ground wire. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do “Barrientos closed with a smile on his face.

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