Original Pokémon ending is revealed – and it’s dark

The Pokémon anime has been around for many years and has had many makeovers over time. The story, however, almost came to an end at one point, and it would have been dismal.

As shared by Comic Book Resources, Pokémon anime writer Takeshi Shudo had two ideas for a closure to the story. He revealed details of these two ideas on his blog in 2009, a year before his passing.

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Initially, the Pokémon anime story was expected to end with a feature film. But as we know, the franchise is such a success that that closure hasn’t come yet.

As ideias de Takeshi Shudo para o final de Pokémon

Takeshi Shudo’s first idea for a closure would show Ash as an old man, having memories of his past as a Pokémon trainer. He would hear his mother telling him to sleep and that a new journey was awaiting him.

Tomorrow, Ash would wake up as a child again, being ready for new adventures. This time, however, your journey would not be to catch Pokémon, but to understand the meaning of existence.

It would have been a pretty melancholy ending to the story, but the second idea was even darker. Radically different from the first, Takeshi Shudo’s second proposal would revolve around a Pokémon rebellion.

The Pokémon would realize that they were being used as slaves by humans, starting a huge revolt. The leader of this rebellion would be none other than Pikachu, against whom Ash would have to battle.

In the midst of this conflict, Team Rocket would try to calm the tempers between the humans and the Pokémon, but accidentally make it much worse. It would have been a shocking ending, with Takeshi Shudo himself admitting that his idea would have broken all the rules of the franchise.

None of these endings came to fruition, and there is no ending forecast for the Pokémon anime. Like so many others in pop culture, this one feels like one of those stories that just never really ends.

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In Brazil, different phases of the Pokémon anime are available on Netflix.

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